Kylie Ofiu has gone back to her maiden name since her divorce and can now be found at www.kylietravers.com.au. All finance related posts are still on this site, however her new site is more about motivation, inspiration, overcoming obstacles and advice based on that.

Kylie Ofiu is the author of 365 Ways To Make Money, an international speaker, freelance writer, blogger and single mother of two. This is her official site as well as a place for her to share more ways to make and save money through her blog which won Best International Personal Finance Blog for 2012 and 2013.

Kylie grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, in a family where money was openly discussed. She has a real passion and ability for finding ways to make and save money which has helped many people take back control of their finances. She is not a qualified financial advisor, instead she shares tips and personal experiences that are focused towards helping families save money in all areas of the home, how to find ways to increase their cash flow and to create multiple streams of income. She does not give advice on specific financial products and investments to use.

Kylie also has personal experience with homelessness, domestic violence, rape, robbery and mental health issues. She uses her experiences to raise awareness and funds for these issues through speaking, appearing in media, participating in events such as the CEO Sleepout and Community Sleepout and with volunteer work.

Kylie is based in Canberra, Australia but frequents Sydney and is available for travel to other locations.

Kylie wrote 365 Ways To Make Money (Wright Books) which covers not only ideas on ways to make money but also how to get started, information on tax, advertising and promoting your business/idea for free and cheap as well as solutions to problems such as childcare.

26 ingredients is a cookbook using basic ingredients to create a variety of dishes from gourmet breakfasts to delicious desserts and even basics like cordial, bread and sweetened condensed milk. Click here to purchase the eBook.

As an author Kylie is open to reading from her book, doing workshops, seminars, public speaking and more. Read on for various options. You can check standard rates for authors appearances and other services here.

Kylie runs workshops on ways to make and save money. You can book her to come speak at your event, your mothers/parenting group, schools and more. She can tailor workshops to suit your groups needs. Popular topics include: making money from home; ways to make and save money; ways teens can make money; how to budget/set goals and achieve them; how to make money with social media and keep yourself safe online.

Workshops can run for as long as you like with 1 – 2 hours being most popular. She can also do programs to run for a week with schools or other groups if desired. Contact for more information.

Aside from workshops, Kylie also does seminars and presentations on ways to make and save money as well as mental health (you can read more about her battle with borderline personality disorder here and here). She has survived sexual assault, domestic violence, robberies, online identity theft, homelessness as a single parent and is open to talking about any of those subjects as well as anything money related.

Kylie has spoken at The Financial Blogger Conference, Digital Parents Conference, at various events for councils such as Blacktown and Strathfield as well as numerous corporate and private functions. Email for more information and prices.

Freelance Writing 
Kylie has written articles for a variety of sites and publications including Moneyhound, Mozo, BigPond, Kleenex Mums and more. Her preference is financial topics or homelessness/charities but she is open to writing on any topic needed. She has a variety of experience to draw upon and can write in either a personal style, third person, ghost writing or whoever you like.

Kylie is open to other types of work. Feel free to contact her with a heading stating which service you are enquiring about, to discuss what you would like, your budget and what would suit you, your group or business.

*Disclaimer – Kylie Ofiu is not a financial advisor. All advice is her personal opinion or experience. Mentoring sessions do not include exact advice on shares, product options, investing etc. Kylie’s advice is based on your needs, helping you find ways to make and save money. If you seek investing advice, a financial planner is recommended.