20 ways to build self confidence

Have you ever notice how much confidence millionaires/billionaires have? Confidence is a crucial element if you want to be successful. Often you are the only one who believes in your idea or you are the one who has to market yourself, so you have to put yourself out there.

It’s not easy for some and for others they seem to have so much confidence they could share it with 20 other people and still have leftovers.

Not all super wealthy people are successful every time they do something but that doesn’t stop them. They don’t let 1, 2 or even 10 failures stop them. They keep going because they have confidence in themselves.

Take Sir Richard Branson for example. He started with Virgin records and believed in himself. Has he been successful every time he’s done something? No! BUT he does continue to try new things and look how successful he is.

You’re not a confident person? Neither was I. I try to be and many people think I am and I know I am more confident them some, but it has not been easy to develop self confidence. In fact, it is an ongoing thing for me.

Here’s a list of things that have helped me and things you can do to gain more confidence…
1.) Write a list of things you like about yourself/are good at. You can start with 10. I made myself write a list of 100, which was not easy at the time.
2.) When you’ve written that list make a few copies and read them often. I put one in my wallet, one on my bedroom wall, one on my computer etc… I used to read it a lot when I would have self doubt or negative self talk.
3.) Have a daily positive affirmation. Say it out loud every day, a few times a day is best. Look in the mirror and say something like “I am a confident/sexy/successful woman/man”. Say it strong, with purpose and MEAN it.
4.) Write a list of your achievements. Recently when I was looking for ideas for my bucket list I was reading through other people’s lists and was amazed at how much on other people’s lists I have done. I didn’t think I had done much, but when I wrote down some of these things I was amazed and quite proud of my achievements.
5.) Ask people what they like about you, what are your good points. It might feel embarrassing at first, but if you are doing it with someone you trust, and they know why you want to know it’s easier.
6.) When someone gives you a compliment just say thank you. Don’t talk it down. If someone says they like your top/shoes don’t say “this old things, oh, it’s nothing” just say thank you. I love it too. You can complement them back, but stop putting yourself/things/work down.
7.) Write down compliments you receive, who from and when. This is a definite record of good things about you. It’ll give you a boost when you need it too.
8.) Stop the negative self talk. We are our own worst critics. Whenever you start to think negatively about yourself, whip out your list of things you like about yourself or the list of compliments and read it. If you are not in a position to do that just change what you are thinking. It can be hard at first, but try to remember your achievements. Think of your daily positive affirmation and repeat it in your head.
9.) Take care of yourself. Many people are guilty of neglecting themselves, especially parents. We get so caught up in everything else we forget about ourselves. Often when we are young we spend a lot of time doing our hair/make-up/dressing nice/wearing perfume/cologne etc… Then life happens and we get too busy, or just do the basics. Take a step back and start taking care of yourself again. The confidence a good hair style and a well put together outfit will give you is a fantastic feeling.
10.) Think positive thoughts. Whilst for many this is easier said than done, it is so important. Changing the way we think about everything, not just ourselves will have an astounding affect on ourselves and the world around us.
11.) Act positive. Being happy, smiling and giving compliments will make you feel better about yourself and it makes thinking positively a whole lot easier.
12.) Be prepared. Study/know your stuff. When you know what you are talking about or have to do you are a lot more confident than if you don’t know.
13.) Be true to yourself. What are your standards/principles/values? What do you live by? Without principles we have no guidelines or direction for our life. No direction is no reason for confidence since you aren’t working towards anything. When you have direction and aim you are more confident because you know what you are doing.
14.) Do something you love or are good at such as cooking, swimming, gardening, piano, painting. Whatever it is, do it regularly. Doing something you love and doing it regularly gives you positive feelings about yourself and what you are doing. These positive feelings can then overflow into other areas of your life. The happier you are and the more you achieve, the more confidence you will have.
15.) Meditate. This might sound stupid to a lot of people, but spending some time meditating can really help you.
16.) Set some goals and achieve them. To begin with it might be something simple like pay your bills, or a to do list such as groceries, banking, return library books etc… and complete it. Having goals gives you something to strive for. Starting small gives you mini confidence boosts when you achieve them. Having big goals to work towards gives you direction. If you break them up into sub goals, every time you achieve one of those sub goals you are a success.
17.) Recognise what makes you feel insecure. Why are you insecure about it? What can you do to change it? Me, I am insecure about dancing. It strikes fear into my heart.
18.) Keep good posture. Standing up straight and ensuring your back is straight makes you look confident, it is confident body language. When you are projecting confidence you can’t help but be confident.
19.) Get rid of toxic friends. What are toxic friends? They are the ones who are always negative; leave you questioning yourself and what you are doing. They don’t encourage you, they just tear you down. They are often people who have been in our life for quite a while, so we don’t realise how bad they are for us. Also, they are NOT really friends.
20.) Focus. When you are focussed you are studying, getting to know what you need to do and doing it. This leads to achievements and success, confidence boosting stuff!

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