What I did to make money from a child to now

Growing up I have done various things to make money. Even as a child I had a keen interest in it. In fact, at one point I was earning more pocket money than older siblings purely because I was more interested in doing the work to get money.
As a child I did the following:
– Paper route
– Garage sale (it was my parents, I just helped)
– Head massages for my mum mainly
– Washed cars
As a teen there were more opportunities
– Babysitting
– Gift wrapping
– Retail
– Hairdressing apprenticeship
– Data entry
Then as an adult I was able to do even more
– My own hair and beauty business
– Dental Assitant
– Sell off my unwanted things through garage sales or online eg eBay
– Buy things to resell
– Sell used books
– Blog
– Sell things at markets
– Had a boarder
There are more things I have done, I am sure. Many of these ideas have been done at the same time and not just done at one stage in my life.
There are endless opportunities and ideas for things you can do to make money. It is simply a matter of finding what you like, what you are good at and what is marketable/profitable.