A comment was made to me recently about how the Amish live. How simple and non commercial thier lives are.
I don’t know much about them, except they live a much simpler life, without electricity and many modern things. They are modest, hard working people with strong beliefs.
Discussing their lifestyle a little made me want to live more like them. Of course the discussion revolved around the benefits of simplicity, non-commercialism, grow your own food type things, not the strict rules, hard work and other aspects of an Amish life.
I think we live in a very commercial world now. As much as I try not to get sucked in and am doing things such as my $100 Christmas to prevent too much of the “I want” attitude in my house, sometimes it sneaks in.

Like this week when my sister and I were discussing Blogopolis next week. We were talking about what we will be wearing, mainly what I will be wearing as I wanted her advice.

I had a bit of an idea, but after talking more, all of a sudden I needed those cute shoes we saw last time we were shopping and I needed a new jacket and those burgundy shoes would be good too. This was not her fault, I bought them up. I had a small idea of what I might wear, but wanted some other ideas.

I then spent the entire next day thinking about how I could spend $100+ on the shoes, plus similar for a jacket.
I was thinking about when I would be able to go to the shops. I looked online for things, had a look at which stores were closest to me, how I could get there without my kids and how much I could spend.

Then reality hit.

I do not want to be like that. I do not need these things. I have things which will work just fine with them.  I don’t need new things all the time. There is an old saying “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” The Amish actually live this way.
I got to thinking about that quote when I felt the need to buy new shoes or a jacket or whatever. What I have is fine.

Do you ever feel like this? You need things, but in reality, you don’t.

4 thoughts on “Commercialism

  1. yeah we all are guilty of thinking like that, but as long as we can stop and remind ourselves. Never fear I’ll be dressed by ‘my wardrobe’ for blogopolis.

  2. I also think our culture is too focused on new, shinny, materialistic items. As a child I think I was caught up in that mentality, but after working and understanding the value of money and how having money can give you more freedom, I find it much easier to stay away from it.

  3. I’ve never heard that old saying before Kylie, but I think it’s GOLD! I’m going to put that up around the house to remind me every time I have those moments!!! My mother always used to say to me: “Save the pennies and the pounds will save themselves” – I can save pretty well I might add! 😉

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