First Book Signing

Last night I had my first book signing at Dymocks Penrith. Firstly, they were amazing. The staff there are so friendly and happy and helpful. I highly recommend them. It was so much fun.

I had a table at the front of the store to sit at and sign copies, as well as to chat to people. I got to talk to quite a few interesting people, heard stories about the way people have made money in their lives and things. I also spoke to a few people who have always wanted to write a book or are in the process which was really interesting.

One of them told me they were struggling to write it (I won’t give away what it is but I do think it is a really good idea, not money related, but I think would be a great resource). They speak things better and have mind blanks when they go to type. So I suggested that they record themselves talking about it then write what they have recorded.

I know a few people who feel the same; they speak better than they write. I had never thought about just speaking it all and recording it, until tonight. The reason I suggested that instead of the software that records your voice and turns it into script is because they have a speech impediment and they can’t use those programs.

I loved chatting with people from all sorts of backgrounds, families, kids, retirees etc. I spoke to one woman who has just moved back from living in Japan for 25 years and has been struggling to slip back into the way of work life here, so she is looking forward to trying some of the ideas. She already had one, which is discussed in the book, so I am hoping it helps here.

I am flat out at the moment, but maybe in August or September I will do some more in store promotions. I would love to meet more of you.

3 thoughts on “First Book Signing

  1. I speak better than I can write and have thought I should buy a machine to record my voice and then type it up, or get someone else too. I need to act soon. My head is full. Not sure if it would be worthy of a published book though. 🙂 😆

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