When things don’t go as planned…

by Kylie on July 11, 2011

In life things do not always go as planned. Recent events in my life are a testament to that. For example my husband losing his work, followed by the planned renovations not really going ahead as planned, me not continuing to study at this point and now our computer crashing. Yes, it is pretty much dead.

Whilst at first things like these can seem like massive draw backs, sometimes disaster needs to strike in order for something better to happen. It won’t feel like it at the time, but after a few other things have happened, you can often see that it was for the best.

Starting with what has happened for us lately, whilst it is still very early stages for a lot of these problems, I can already see some benefits.

  •  Job loss – This at first was quite devastating, as I am sure many have experienced. We were not quite sure what to do or how we would cope, but managed to put a plan in place. Just the other day, we received a call about a potential job, paying significantly more than his current one, only 15 minutes away (he currently travels over 1 hour) and with people he gets a long really well with. He has an induction this week and if all goes well he should have some regular work. This is still a casual position, but he never would have been considered nor would he have considered it if he had not just been told by his current employer there is no work.
    So whilst at first, this was terrible for us, it could turn out to be a blessing. We are really hoping. Plus his name is still on a few agencies books, so if there is work, he is first to be called now. He has had a few shifts to keep us afloat and I am positive things will improve now.
  • Renovations – The original plan in November last year was to move back, renovate and sell this house. The renovations kept getting stretched out and stretched out. So far, this has been a good thing as house values in our area have continued to rise. Currently our house is worth $50,000 more than it was in November, so it was just as well we did not do it all instantly.
    Plus, as we have been here a bit longer a few other opportunities and benefits have come up that would not have had we sold and moved back to Canberra as fast as we planned.
    Slowing down the renovations has also given us the option of waiting for things to come on sale instead of buying them quickly to get it finished. We have saved a lot of money this way.
  • Study – I started at the end of last year and planned to finish it quickly. Then I got my book contract and it got pushed back. Then other things happened and study is just not going to work out for us right now. I have partial credit for what I have completed so can use that as recognition for prior learning later. I emailed the people II was studying with, told them my situation and I can get a partial refund.
  • Computer crashing – Whilst completely horrid on the surface, as well as completely inconvenient timing with my 31 Days of Money happening and participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, it could just work out ok. To start with I could cut my internet and use the library instead. This would be a monthly saving. We’ll see, there is the possibility of a computer for us, so I won’t cancel our internet just yet.
  • Our car dying – Whilst extremely frustrating at the time, it turned out better. It was worth more dead sold as parts than it was working. Plus we had already replaced it, so we were not put out. We managed to be within the towing allowance for roadside assistance when it happened, so no problem.

So as you can see, even when things happen that look to be bad, good can come from it. It is not always the case and it is definitely not always as fast as some of the things have been for me recently, but if you look and are patient you might be surprised.

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