Make Money Guide – “How To Sell Books” (free)

Here it is. My free How to sell books. It is a pdf you can click on to load. It will open in this window, then you can just save a copy. Or you can right click and click on save as/save target as to save it straight to your computer now.

So what is in it?
It is a 6 page document which covers everything I could think of when it comes to selling books. Selling books is a great way to make money which doesn’t take much time and can be done from home.

I show you:
– What books to sell (as well as which ones to avoid)
– Where to source your books
– Where to sell
– Postage
– Keeping Records
– More hints and tips
It is completely free. It’s one of the ways I have been doing to make money for years now, so it is kind of second nature. There is a fair amount of information to take in, but once you get used to it and in the habits, it’s not hard to have a great side business going, often making you thousands of dollars a year!

I would like to do more guides like this, so if there was something else specific you would like me to delve into a little deeper than just a blog post, leave it in the comments. I am open to all suggestions, but of course I can only really advise on things I have personally done (I have done quite a few things). My main focus is ways to make money, especially from home, but frugal or  money saving guides are good too. If I haven’t done iyour suggestion, I will endeavour to find someone who has to get the right advice for you anyway!

Also if there is anything you feel is missing from this guide, let me know so I can amend it.

Feel free to share the guide around, just as long as it is attributed to me. Do not sell it or copy it to claim as your own.

Thank you and enjoy!

For more resources Ihave used (some cost money others are free) check out my resources page.

If you’d like more ways to make money I wrote 365 Ways To Make Money or you can check out my Make Money page.

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