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Today is Halloween. It happens every year. Have you ever thought about how you can generate a little side income at this time of year? There are many ways to do it.

1.) Haunted House
Decorate your house and charge an admission fee. Have each room with a different theme, friends dress up and pounce on people etc. If you have a few rooms and a few friends this could work really well. Of course, you need to split the cash with your friends and there is the initial set up, but if it is something you plan on doing each year, it can be worth it.

2.) Sell orange pumpkins
Grow them in your garden and then sell them. You can pop a sign out the front of your house or try to sell them to shops, at the markets or to people you know.

3.) Make up
Offer to do people’s make up for Halloween. You need a good supply of make up and to know what you are doing, but much of it can be learnt online and is more a matter of skill and practice. Many designs have tutorials online to make it easier.

4.) Create and sell costumes
If you are good at sewing you could create some costumes to sell or offer custom made costumes. Alternatively import some for cheap and resell them.

5.) Costume alterations
Again, if you can sew you can take costumes up, lengthen them, shorten sleeves, take them in etc. Make them so they suit the person better.

6.) Jack o lantern carving classes
If you are crafty you could teach others how to create cool and unique Jack O Lanterns. You could provide the pumpkins and tools and show them how to do it. They get to take the one they do home.

7.) Pre carved lanterns
Do some designs which can be preordered for Halloween or do customized Jack O Lanterns.

8.) Halloween catering
If you can make some gruesome treats, mains and desserts are you could do catering for Halloween.

9.) Halloween treats
Cakes, cake pops, biscuits, jelly worms and more gruesome treats could be made and sold by you.

10.) Make Halloween decorations
If you are creative you could make some unique or customised decorations and sell them.

To sell things/offer your services you could advertise on Facebook, twitter, with flyers, email friends and family or tweet about it.

*With any of the ideas check with your local area to see if any forms or anything need to be applied for or what the legalities of it are.

4 thoughts on “Make Money With Halloween

  1. Kylie, I don’t know if they have this in Australia, but in America you could also set up an storefront to sell your Halloween crafts. I love looking through the fun and creative costumes and decorations on that site.

  2. Thanks Emily. We do have Etsy. My sister sells a bit on there. I forgot about it, as I haven’t really looked at it. Thanks.

    Leonie, thank you. Do you have an easy store?

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