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Freebie Friday! Christmas Bonanza Over $250 Worth!! Closed

I have been talking about my BIG Christmas bonanza give away for a few weeks and today is the day! First though, the winner of last weeks My Memories digital scrapbook software chosen through random.org is…


Jess from Diary of a SAHM

Congratulations!! Email me your details (I will send you an email now too) and we can get it to you!


This past week has flown by so fast with so much happening and I can’t believe the year is almost over. I have had so much happen this year, it has been both one of our best and one of our worst years. If you are interested there is an interview with me about my blog and things you can read by clicking here.


Now onto my BIGGEST giveaway. Straight up I will say it is only open to Australian residents, BUT coming up I have another international giveaway, since there are quite a few of you who are not from Australia.


There are a collection of things to make this one big prize.


First up I have a gorgeous set of Queen size micro fibre bedsheets with $80! I have a set just like this and they are nice and soft to sleep on.

Next up is this beauty and make-up pack worth over $50 which includes
– 1 full six L’oreal sublime bronze

– 1 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black

– 1 Avon Anew Cleanser

– 1 Nak done.n.dusted hair product

– 1 Bath and Body works facial soap

– 1 Bath and Body works body soap

Then we have 2 medium size Victoria’s Secret wrap tops. I love these tops. They are so comfy, last ages and come from one of my favourite stores! RRP $24.50ea

A copy of each of my books 365 Ways To Make Money AND 26 Ingredients! (Total value $44.90)


PLUS there is a $20 Target Giftcard (not pictured) which you can use for more Christmas shopping!


This means the total pack is worth over $250!!! NOW CLOSED


So what do you need to do to enter?
1.) You do need to be following me either by RSS, or Google Friend Connect (in the sidebar) and leave a comment telling me you do.

But there are ways to gain extra entries (click on any of the blue links to go to where you need to do it):

Like me on Facebook (I will be giving away something exclusively to those who like me on Facebook soon too!)

– Sign up to my newsletter which has more was to make and save money, plus will have another separate exclusive giveaway in it very soon.

Follow me on twitter

– Tweet or share this post on Facebook (you can do this with the share buttons below)



– Open only to Australia residents

– The giveaway will run from 11/11/11 through to 24/11/11

– The winner will be notified by email and if there is no response within 5 days, the winner will be redrawn

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  5. sharon says:

    Hi Kylie, I have been following you on Facebook for awhile, but now by RSS and have signed to your newsletter. This prize would be a lovely addition to the pressy stash (or ‘mummy pampering’ as I am a few weeks from a new baby!) and your money info has helped me to be more mindful and in control, so I am quite relaxed even at this hectic end of the year, thanks.

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  129. Can’t help coming back again because I wanted to say how great your comment was on Facebook about Hard Rubbish Collections – I went and booked one thanks to your reminder. I have to wait 8 weeks but it’s coming in January, so that give me time to get the stuff together.

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  136. Oh I forgot to come back!! Two night of bad teething makes the memory mush! I think your book Kylie would be the one thing I would have love to have won. I want to make 2012 a more “know everything about my money” year and your books would have been great! Congrats to the lucky lady! or gent!