Guest posts, interviews and Obama’s Australia visit

This week Obama came to Australia for a whole 26 hours! Behind the scenes I was involved with some things so I got to meet many of the people working with him and they all had such long days, they must be so exhausted. It made for a busy week for me, so I wasn’t on here much, but I was elsewhere.

This week I had an interview over at Credit Card Assist for their Best of series. Check it out here.

Also, over at Frugal Beautiful I am guest posting on ways to pay off a personal loan faster. Whilst they are not ideal to have, sometimes we have them and there are many things you can do to get it paid off faster!

I’m on the front page of BigPond again with my post about using your credit card to make money this Christmas (which is only something I recommend for those with good discipline!)

And finally I am over at Mozo with my post about Avoiding potholes with car finance.

So as you can see I have been busy, but it has been fun.

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