Make Money With Christmas

Christmas is usually a time of large expenses right? But it can also be a great time to make some seasonal money to offset the cost. (Besides if you are doing a $100 Christmas like me, you won’t be spending copious amounts of money!)

So what can you do to make money this silly season?

1.) Install Christmas lights for others.
Putting up Christmas lights can be a long, arduous job. Many people do it year after year because they can look great. As time goes on and the collection of lights and decorations grows it can become more of a hassle for people and they are willing to pay others to put the display up for them. If you are ok with heights, have a ladder and the time, this can be a handy way to make money.

2.) House cleaning for Christmas
Christmas can be the one time of year people pay for a cleaner since they have family coming over and there is not usually enough time to do everything. Those who have a cleaner all year have already booked theirs for this time, which usually leaves regular cleaners very busy. This is where you can step in and offer this service for people who don’t want a regular cleaner.

3.) Gift Wrapping
Gift wrapping is offered in store at many places, but what about gifts that have been purchased during the year or handmade that someone doesn’t have the time to wrap? You could set up a stand in a shopping centre (depending on the rates) or at some markets or just do it through word of mouth. People could drop their gifts off to you, you wrap them and they pick them up the next day or later that day.

4.) Market stall
This time of year is the busiest time for markets. You could have a stall with gift ideas you have made, buy something in bulk and sell that or combine with a few others to sell a variety of things.

5.) Christmas Treats
Make biscuits, puddings, Christmas cakes and more to sell either at markets, by going from shop to shop with a basket of your goods, list them on Facebook or just sell to friends and family. If they are good, word of mouth will spread quickly and you could become quite popular.

6.) Airport service
This time of year a lot of people are traveling. you could offer an airport service if you live close to one. Yes, taxi’s can do it, but not everyone likes using taxi’s.

7.) Babysitting
There are so many events such as work Christmas parties, dinners with friends and family as well as just trying to do Christmas shopping without the kids that regular babysitters can get booked out. If you are not looking to do long term baby-sitting you could offer it just for this time of year. Let friends and family know but also contact people you know who babysit and see if they can offer you as a replacement when they are unavailable.

8.) Shopping
Shopping at Christmas time can be a real nightmare. You could offer to do shopping for others for a fee. This way if you have a few people who you are shopping for, you are getting paid to be there instead of just spending your money. It is a way to make money doing something you were already doing.

9.) Catering
If you are free Christmas day you could do catering for others. Or you could make up platters and things people can collect the night before or Christmas morning to use. It makes the day easier for them and if you are not celebrating it, it’s a great way to make a little extra cash.

10.) Set up Christmas trees
Not everyone enjoys doing this. You could offer to come in and set it up for them.

11.) Sell trees
This one is not something you could do this Christmas, but if you have the space you could grow and sell pine trees for Christmas. Alternatively pair up with someone who has the space, they grow them and you sell them.

But how do you get the word out about your money making ventures? I wrote a post about 10 ways to sell your used things, much of which can be applied here.

Otherwise try:
– Facebook
– Flyers in your area
– Email
– eBay, gum tree or your local classifieds
– twitter and other social media

Have fun making money this Christmas!

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  1. If you are going to advertise airport pickups etc, just please be aware that you need a restricted F class licence, and your car needs a special licence too,( small charter vehicle) as you will be carrying paid customers- and also insurance. I guess if you are doing doing a few cashies for friends and families, no one need to know . Well done on an excellent article. Just got to put my thinking cap on to what I can do! Thanks

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