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Everyone can make more money

If you want to make more money, what are you doing about it? How can you make money from home, work around your kids or a full time job? You are already so stressed out that it just feels impossible.

Everyone is capable of making more money. Everyone!

No one’s situation is exactly the same but that does not mean that you can’t do it.

In this post I outline a couple of different ways you can make more money covering if you work full time, if you want to make money on the side and if you are a stay at home parent.

If you have a full time job you could…
Ask for a raise – you will need to prove you are worth it and choose your timing very carefully. Be prepared that you may get knocked back, but also offer alternatives to actual cash such as a car or a petrol card or some other perk. If there is something the company might be able to provide you with which will save you money and they can claim on tax that is like getting free money and a win win situation.
Go for a promotion – many companies prefer to promote internally. Keep your eyes and ears open for any upcoming promotions even if they are not in your department. Keep your resume and skills up to date and let your company and boss know you are interested in promotions, but do not let it affect your current work or appear you are disinterested/unappreciative of your current role.
Gain extra skills to be eligible for a higher position – some companies will pay for you to up-skill, otherwise you may need to pay for it yourself.
Apply for a different, better paid job – If there are not prospects within your company you can always look elsewhere
Look at creating other income streams outside of work – there are so many ways to make money. By creating other streams of income you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. If you lose your job you will still have some income coming in.

To make money on the side
I have quite a few posts on ways to make money most of them listed here.
To make money on the side look at your interests and skills to see what you could do to make money. You don’t necessarily need any skills or interests but they are just usually the best place to start.
You could try selling books – I have a free guide available to download here. Alternatively you could do some freelance writing, sell on eBay, get a boarder, rent out your garage or driveway, the list goes on and on.

If you are an at home mum
It can be hard being an at home parent, trying to juggle kids, housework, often a part time job and looking at ways to make money from home. Firstly have a look at ways to save on childcare costs.
Next, I have an article with 70+ ways to make money from home. Have a look to see what you might be interested in. There are many things you can do of an evening once the kids are in bed.

There are literally thousands of ways for people to make money. In my book 365 ways to make money I obviously share ways to make money, but I also give advice on getting started, finding free childcare, promoting yourself for free and more. Over 100 of the ideas can be done from home.

Think outside the box and you will easily find ways to make more money.


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2 thoughts on “Make More Money

  1. Thanks for the great post Kylie. I have managed to make quite a bit of money in my spare time over the years – mainly by selling things and decluttering. I have made over £2500 (US) since 2005, but still don’t think that it has quite reached your goal of 1000 (unless every CD sold in single auction counts).

    One question I would welcome your views on. I have a full time job, but though earning outside of it feels like a welcome bonus it definitely only ever yields substantially less as measured by income per hour. Sometimes I feel I should just enjoy my leisure time more (or try and get some overtime). What are your thoughts on this kind of balancing of leisure vs second income time?

    1. Hi ErgoOrgo. For the 1,000 things, if you want to count individual cd’s you can. 🙂 $2500US is great. As for leisure time vs making extra money it is up to you. I would be less inclined to be doing stuff in my personal time that worked out to be less per hour than I made at full time work, unless it was something I was working on that would eventually make more than my hourly work rate, if that makes sense.
      I do think having a variety of income streams helps a lot, especially with many job markets a bit scary at the moment. But it is a choice you need to make. I have always looked at what I could do in my spare time which would generate the most $$ and stuck with that.

      It is up to you to determine what balance you are happy with. Hope that helps.

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