Motivation wall, vision board and organization

A motivation wall is bigger than a vision board, but is essentially the same idea. I spent time this week redoing my bedroom, getting rid of everything I did not need and selecting a wall to not only keep me organized, but motivate me as well.

I am a big fan of vision boards and visual reminders of goals, but I hadn’t updated my vision board for a while and felt my motivation swaying. I decided 2012 is my year for many things, not just finances, so I sat down to work out how to achieve this.

This is my updated vision board

Image of Kylie Ofiu's vision board
My latest vision board

As you can see I have a lot of travel goals, a few items I would like to own, images of the body I would like (an an exercise routine to do it) the house I want, everything. I even write all the things I want to do on my bucket list and a few extras such as laser eye surgery, out like this:

Kylie Ofiu Bucket List
My Bucket List

I have a few key areas in my life I needed to be more organized in and needed some motivation. Aside form a vision board and bucket list I knew I needed more motivation to achieve my goals. I am a very visual person so decided to dedicate a whole wall to it. It is the wall opposite my bed so I see it first thing every morning and it is the last thing I see at night.

Here’s my motivation wall

My motivation wall image
My motivation wall


As you can see on one side I have a calendar. Usually I would just have one where I can flip the pages and things but I know I need a full year calendar so I can see at a glance what is happening when. As each month passes it will be replaced with the month for the following year, so it will essentially be a 12 month rotating calendar.

I have a theme for each month to keep me focused and created the calendar using word. I will be using this to keep on top of our finances, track some of my blog things and just keep our lives organized.

Next I have the graph for how much we owe on our personal loan. It is a basic thermometer with each block worth $50. As we pay it off I colour it in. I created this as a new one the other day. The old one got a bit torn, but you can see how quickly selling things and throwing extra at your debt or savings can add up.

Kylie Ofiu Debt Graph
My Debt Graph, I'm an excellent artist!

I have listed my blog goals on another piece of paper for what I want to achieve this year. They include things like stats I would like to hit, the Alexa ranking I want to get to etc. Boring stuff.

Next to the debt graph is the savings graphs. Same idea but I wrote the words of where I want to go (as you can see on my wall above Tonga and America are my top priorities). Then the letters are broken up to be coloured in when e save money. Our debt needs to be repaid before I will start saving for those.

Kylie Ofiu Saving Chart
Saving chart for Tonga!

I have also put up some of my favourite quotes and bits of inspiration (click here to read a few, I’ll post more later). I’ll be changing these and adding to them when I find new ones.

This wall is the first thing I see every morning. I know I am more motivated when I can see exactly where I am heading with everything.

On top of creating this wall, I am in the process of making a household binder and a few other things to organize our lives more. I know lack of organization has cost us dearly. I’ll share them as I make them.

Do you have a vision board or motivation wall? What do you find motivates you and helps keep you on track? I have a whole page with motivation based posts here  which covers everything from how to create a vision board, how to set goals right through to achieving them, prioritising and more.


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20 thoughts on “Motivation wall, vision board and organization

  1. I love how you do the debt thermometer and Tonga save-up board. I have long been a fan of debt payoff visuals, but having each $50 block separated would really help me visualize it better. Great idea!

  2. I love the thermometer colouring in idea! I am going to steal that one for savings – we don’t have any debt but we need quite a few things in this next 6-12 months (i broke our stove top by dropping a mug on it, the main toilet has broken and need a new one put in and our car is dying a slow death). I am a visual person too and bank statements are not colourful and fun and engaging and your idea is!

    1. Thanks Deb, it is one of my fav visuals when it comes to money. It was used by my primary school when we did fundraising and I have loved the idea ever since.

  3. I love that idea of the debt thermometer. By having such a obvious visual reminder I’m sure every $50 that has been saved means so much more.

  4. Kylie,
    This is BRILLIANT!!!
    I love the thermometer and Tonga divided into $50. What a brilliant way to help build momentum.
    Thanks for sharing – I know I will be doing something similar.

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