How to make and save money with clothing

by Kylie on February 10, 2012

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Clothing can be quite a large expense, especially if you have a couple of children. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow these tips.

Buy second hand
Not everyone approves of buying second hand but I can tell you I have bought man top brand name items for a fraction of the cost in near new or even new with tags condition at second hand stores. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look and a bit of luck on the day.

I know many ‘charity’ stores in Australia have decided to increase their prices drastically and some items in there are more expensive than new so you need to know your prices and know your stores. There are still some smaller op shop/thrift stores around which have good prices.

Also check for sales. Yes, second hand stores have sales. It is on these days I hit the stores usually on opening time or 2:30 as they are pretty empty with other people dropping off or picking up their children. I have also found Tuesdays and Fridays to be a good days, as new stock comes in over the weekend, is sorted Monday and out on Tuesdays. Fridays are usually the sale days as they want to clear stock before new stock comes in.

A couple of little tips with second hand shopping:
– Be friendly and get to know the staff. You will often get discounts and sometimes they even put things aside they know you will like or have been looking for.
– If you have a little time to volunteer and help out, even a few hours a week you get to see stock before anyone else plus you are helping a charity.

Shop in sales
This might sound basic, but never pay full retail price. Sales happen all the time, there is really no good reason to be paying RRP if you are organized. Many stores now mark down their clothes in the middle of a season which means you can pic up some great bargains for summer clothes right in the middle of summer. If you are buying for kids try and a buy a couple of items in larger sizes to save you money later.

Also check out any outlets in your area. Sometimes there can be great deals on.

Get clothes for gifts
If anyone asks what you would like for your birthday you could suggest various clothes, gift cards or create a wish list at online stores you can show people.

For your kids, depending on their ages and interests you could give them clothes as one of their presents.

Take care of your clothes
As simple as it sounds spot treating stains, soaking clothes when necessary, mending little rips and tears as soon as they happen, fixing zippers, sewing on buttons and other simple things you can do to ensure the long life of your clothes will really help.
Learn to do minor alterations and mending
Things like sewing on buttons, and hemming up pants are not hard. In fact there is a simple tutorial I found here for hemming jeans. Just use Google if you are unsure how to do something and there are thousands of tutorials, both written and video (YouTube) which are simple to follow.

Get a classic wardrobe
A classic wardrobe where you get the basics covered and they all fit you well is great. It stops you buying unnecessarily and to be in style each season you can simply accessorize.

What are your tips for saving money with clothing? I recently guest posted at Styling You with 7 ways to save on fashion, you should check it out (along with her amazing blog!) I also found 10 tips to make clothing last longer if you want to check them out.

As for making money with clothes you can on sell clothes you no longer wear if they are popular brands, look for brand names at second hand shops and garage sales to on sell. If you can sew you could try making clothes, doing custom alternations, wedding dresses or veils, dolls clothing etc. Another option is to look into importing clothing and selling it.

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