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Make and save money with education

Education comes in a variety of forms – paying for schooling for your children, adult education, university, Tafe or even just short courses. What you need for each is different except for money. They all cost money!

Children’s schooling

If you have children at school there are many things you can do to help reduce expenses.

- Buy school uniforms second hand. Many schools have a second hand uniform stall open at various times and the items of clothing are usually drastically reduced compared to new uniforms. Just make sure you re-label them so if they get lost you can claim or find them easily. If your school doesn’t have one, consider starting one yourself.

- Buy generic. Some schools allow you to wear plain coloured shorts, skirts or polo shirts. If this is the case at your school you can pick these items up on sale at different times and save a lot.

- Stock up on stationery in sales. Back to school sales are big and happen at the same time every year. A few weeks after school has gone back this stock usually gets reduced drastically and this is when you can make big savings. Keep an eye on prices during the sales so you will know a bargain when you see it. If you have a box to keep all these items in as you buy them you will be able to store them and find them easily the following year or as needed.

- Make your own snacks. A once a week or even once a month cook up of cakes, biscuits, slices and other things that can be frozen can save you significantly. Instead of prepackaged chips and things you can know what ingredients they are eating, alter recipes to make them healthy and vary items easily. Just take things out the night before and pack their lunches.

- Keep all receipts. In Australia there is the education rebate you might be eligible to claim at tax time for education related expenses including things like laptops. Keep your receipts for everything to see what you are entitled to claim.
What are your tips for children schooling?

Adult education

Since there are so many different ways to do adult education there are also a variety of ways to save money with it.

- Apply for scholarships. Scholarships are not just for universities, some other places and offer them too. See what is available and apply for what you can.

- Buy second and text books only if you have to buy the text. Sometimes you can get away with just using the text in the library or looking it up online. If you do buy the text books, take good care of them and then sell them when you are done.

- Shop online for tools if you need them for your course. Actually check online for pretty much everything related to your course and compare prices.

- HECS is available in Australia to help you pay for university. You only have to pay it back once you start earning over a certain amount. It is a great way to help you get your education. You will owe the government at the end, but it can be paid back overtime, without pressure.

What are your tips for education?

Make money with education

There are a few ways you can make money with education.

– Sell old text books either your own or source books to sell. They can be sold online or through schools.

– Teach a course. Have you ever seen those community courses? If you have a special talent you can run classes and teach your talent to others.

– Tutoring can be done for a variety of things from music to math. Advertise online, in newspapers or tell friends and family to get the word out.


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