Make and save money with holidays

Holidays are one of those things that many people only dream of. Australians seem to travel more than many other countries and that could have something to do with the paid holiday leave we get if you have permanent work. Growing up we used to go on holidays twice a year – Easter and Christmas. No, we weren’t rich, far from it in fact. We went camping and had the best time. We teamed up with another family who had kids similar ages to us and we went camping for the Easter long weekend and 1 week at Christmas.

Holidays don’t need to be huge and expensive. Yes an overseas trip would be wonderful, but if that is not possible there are many ways to have a more budget friendly holiday right here at home.

Firstly think about what sort of things your family enjoys doing and where you can do that. Do they like swimming at the beach? Bush waking? Fishing? Adventure holidays?

Once you know what your family wants to do, you can plan better.

If your family is happy to camp look around for free camping grounds. There are many free ones around or very cheap ones. Once you have camping gear (much of which can be picked up second hand) you have your free accommodation. This can reduce the cost of holidays significantly.

If you really want to stay in a hotel check out Last Minute or Wot If and see what prices they have on there. Once you know what prices they are offering, you can ring the hotel direct to see if they can offer any better. Sometimes you will get a reduced rate when dealing directly through them. Alternatively use Google and search for things like ‘cheap accommodation in abc town” or “budget accommodation” and see what comes up.

Once accommodation is sorted find out what free attractions there are. Most areas have lots of free things such as museums, bush walks and historical walks. When you have a few free activities it ensures the kids won’t be ‘bored’ all the time and it won’t be expensive like going to every single attraction you can.

When it comes to saving for the holiday you could make it a whole family event. Things like a family coin jar which everyone puts money in for the holiday are great to get kids excited. Also a graph to show how much you need and how much you have. Include the whole family in the planning and they will understand why you need that much money or why you can’t do everything.

Being single can sometimes make holiday plans harder as many places charge per room even if there is only one person staying. If it is just you there are things like home swaps, woofing, you could do a working holiday doing nannying or teach English in another country or you could easily stay with friends and family since it is just yourself.

It is more fun if you can share the holiday with someone, or at least parts of the holiday so you could try and go traveling with a friend or family member. This way you can split some costs, both look out for bargains and you have someone to take your picture at different destinations.

A few other holiday tips
– Sign up to airline newsletters so you get notified when special deals are on.
– Look out for coupons and deals in the areas you will be traveling too.
– Ask everyone about any information on the area you are travelling to and look up forums online for the destination you are headed.

To make money with travel
If you were say traveling from Australia to the USA you could easily pick up things such as make up and skincare from Walmart to resell here. Other things which are unique to the area can be good to buy and resell here.
If you buy passes to attractions and don’t use the whole thing you can look at reselling the pass.
Before you go check with websites and magazines to see if they are interested in your travel story. Make sure you write down anything that is funny or interesting that happens on your trip, even if they said no, they might say yes once you get back and have a good story.
Some magazines pay you if you take a picture holding their magazine when you are on holidays.
Another option is to try and sell any photographs you take while on holidays to microstock sites and things.

What are your travel tips?

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