Around the web…

I have been guest posting on a few other sites recently so today I am going to share them and hopefully you will check them out!


What to do when you just don’t have enough income was posted on Daily Money Shot.

Over at How To Retire In 12 Months I share a good life story about my journey of mum to millionaire.

At Brand Meets Blog I share DIY advertising tips for bloggers.


I have a few more guest posts coming up soon too so stay tuned.

Also tomorrow I am speaking at the Working Mums Masterclass about ways to make and save money which I am really excited about. In a couple of weeks I will be speaking at the YES movie premiere too, and now with ticket price you get a free DVD.

I have so many great things happening at the moment, but I also realised last week I need to set specific deadlines for some of my projects and get the marked off. I get really excited about starting things, but I am not always the greatest at completing them. In this post I have set out my projects and their associated deadlines.