Birthday freebies

April is the month of my birthday so last month I signed up to some VIP clubs to see what bonuses and freebies are available for your birthday. I am amazed at what I have received so far, with some of them being valid for a few weeks, others only on my actual birthday.

So far I have been offered
– Free drink thanks to Boost
– Free salad and drink at Subway
– Free Salad at Sumo Salad
– $10 from Kikki.K
– Free ice cream from Baskin Robbins plus a discount on an ice cream cake
– $5 off at the Cheesecake shop
– $5 off at Cold Rock for a cake

And I have been told from a couple of the sites I signed up to I can expect make up and more gift vouchers, but I am waiting to see if it does happen.

Now while these little freebies might not seem like much, especially as for some of them you might end up spending unbudgeted money but I am pretty happy about them.

On my actual birthday I have no plans as my husband is working all day and it is school holidays. So with these freebies I will be able to have a little lunch out with my daughters, get something I have been wanting from Kikki.K and treat myself a little without having to spend any money.

Are you a member of any VIP clubs? How do you find them to be with rewards and things?

*I have included the link directly to the clubs, but they are not affiliate links or anything and they are the Australian ones.

11 thoughts on “Birthday freebies

  1. I knew about the boost and Baskin and Robbins ones, but forgot! The others are new to me, but great. The Shingle Inn gives kids a free patty cake on their birthday if they join their club, but it only lasts for a few weeks.

    1. That’s great. I just signed my kids up to the Hungry Jacks kids club and they got sent icecream vouchers just for joining, valid for a year and my kids were excited to get mail.

      1. My boy for his birthday at Hungry Jacks got a kid’s meal- a hamburger, small fries and coke. Great for nothing! Then there are other coupons to use throughout the year!

  2. I have signed my kids up to the iga kids club, they get a free piece of fruit and something else, this year a pack of ice blocks for free. Also joined tarocash if there is a shop near you, it is a mens wear shop, free $50 voucher, no min spend I got two t shirts and a pair of socks for free. Love it

    1. I signed my kids up to that too and just got the free ice blocks which they are excited about. I have signed up to Tarocash a while ago, but no voucher yet.

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