Goals update

Last month I set myself some goals, which if I reached I was going to give away $100 cash. So how did I do?

I smashed my Alexa ranking goal (thank you everyone!) and am now under 160,000. My aim was 200,000 so I am super happy about that.

As for Facebook I got over 450, but didn’t quite hit my goal of 1,000 and on twitter I hit over 1,300 but again didn’t quite hit my goal of 2,000.

Behind the scenes I had a few other little goals, one of which I achieved. I think it is important to set goals and aim high even if you don’t always achieve them.

I was planning on posting goals for May, but I have so many little projects I want to finish off that I am going to focus on them instead of setting similar goals for May. Obviously I want to continue improving and expanding.

What are my little projects?

– Blog to Book eBook is almost finished. The cover will be done this week and I am organizing the launch.
– My freebie site is almost ready. I just need to add twitter, set up Facebook then a newsletter and we should be pretty much good to go.
– My sell 1,000 things is sitting almost at 750. I want this finished though because I almost feel like it is holding me back in other areas because I feel tied to it and need to complete it.
– 50+ ways to make money from your blog is a post I had planned, but it is larger than I expected so am thinking of turning it into a short eBook instead. I need to finish it properly, but there are over 50 ways in there.
– A couple of other sites I have been working on I want to actually sit down and do properly.
– I need to finish a couple of projects around the home such as our kitchen and garden.
– My daughter needs more care with speech therapy and ‘homework’ from speech therapy so a lot of my time is going to her now instead of my planned projects, which I am completely fine with. It has thrown my deadlines a little and slowed me down, but she (and my other daughter0 are my main priority.

So what are my thoughts on April and my goals so far?

I think April was a great month and I am doing well with my goals. I am a little behind, but taking into account how much has been going on in my life, I am completely ok with that.

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  1. It’s a great idea to create an e-book out of your blog post on 50+ ways to make money from your blog. If you’re planning to sell the e-book (instead of offering it as a freebie) you could do very well, given the topic is so popular. Good luck.

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