The iphone desire

I have written before about comparing phone deals and things. Up until recently I didn’t really need to do it for myself.

I have been on a prepaid cap for some time. I had a mobile plan once with Optus and never wanted to go on a plan again. I always seemed to go over my plan and back then the customer service was severely lacking.

I have been considering a plan again and weighing up my options, comparing buying a phone outright and keeping my prepaid option vs going on a plan. I really want an iphone. I had one for a while and it was great, so the desire is pretty strong.

In many ways this could be deemed just a want, not a need. I do use my phone to take photo’s, use twitter, Facebook, email and blog so I see it as pretty necessary for what I want to do. With this in mind, data is a huge consideration, not just the phone call costs. In fact, I would say I probably use more data than actual calls or texts on my phone.

So that just leaves exactly which smartphone (most likely an iphone) and do I want prepaid or a plan.

Prepaid pros
– I won’t over spend
– I get a 10% discount on it at certain locations so instead of $29 a month it is $26.10
– I can change the amount of credit I buy each month if I need more or less
– If I am out of credit I have to go buy some before I can make calls
– The cost per call or text is slightly higher
– I have to buy a phone outright

Plan pros
– There is a wide variety of phones I can select within my budget
– There are now cap plans the same cost as my prepaid cap
– More reliability in that my credit won’t run out
– Easier to use overseas

– It is expensive if I go over my plan
– Not as much flexibility to change cost
– Fees for changing plans or providers
– If you forget to switch off roaming/data when overseas it will cost you HEAPS!

As you can see the pros and cons to me are pretty even, so really it is more a matter of finding what phone I like best and the cheapest way to get that. Last time I got a smartphone I bought it out right as it worked out cheaper to do that and stick with my current prepaid plan rather than get it on a plan. This time I am leaning toward going on a plan.

Since I am leaning towards an iphone I decided to use this online comparison tool to help decide which plan was best for me. Since there are so many providers and options and I didn’t want to go to every site and compare everything myself I thought this was the best option.

How did you decide if you would go plan or prepaid and which phone did you want?