5 questions to ask yourself about money

Our spending habits and thoughts on money can make or break us financially. There is such an emotional connection for many people with spending that it can be hard not to tell yourself you deserve something. You need to retrain your thinking, which is not an easy task!

It takes time and effort. You need to be really conscious of your thoughts and actions. This week I have been doing some work on our eating habits and some of the questions I thought would be really helpful for those seeking insight about their spending habits, financial thoughts and money patterns.

By answering these questions, being really honest with yourself and looking for connections between spending/money and emotions or events in your life can help you realize the subconscious reasons behind our money habits.

1. How did you spend money/earn money as a kid growing up? How did your family earn money and what were the spending habits like of your family? What environmental influences were there? Time factors?

2. What type of events/activities/spending and earning patterns were typical? Did get rewarded with ‘things’ etc?

3. What was your spending and earning pattern like through childhood / adolescence, and that of your family during this time?

4. When did money/overspending/finances become a concern for you?

5. What messages did you receive about yourself, finances and or spending habits growing up?

These questions might not seem like important questions to ask yourself, but if you are honest you might reveal things about why you spend and your thoughts on money in general.

To be able to change your thinking you need to be aware of why you do what you do, how your thought patterns and opinions were formed when you were younger so you can learn to retrain your thinking and improve your life.

You don’t have to answer the questions in the comments, but if you have any thoughts feel free to share them.

2 thoughts on “5 questions to ask yourself about money

  1. interesting article, well when I was in my 20’s I used to work for the biggest telco as a Purchasing Officer.I purchase everything that you see in a telco headoffice/business and all its retail offices nationwide including purchasing vehicles for all managers,engineers and renting helicopter to go to telco sites. Plus I have to physically buy goods for the company 3x a week directly to various shops, carrying cash not cc with 2 assistants and a driver with me all the time. Vendors line up to see you all the time. Love that life! Worked there for 2+ years until I move to AU. Cant find that work lifestyle anywhere…. 🙁

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