A few ways to make money

I have posted many ways to make money and am in the middle of a money making challenge (I have doubled my first lot and am currently sitting on $55 by the way). There are just so many ideas out there but often we don’t have the time to implement them or don’t want to have a business or just don’t know where to start.

If you want to make money from home I have over 70 ideas right here.

If you want to do online surveys or mystery shopping but don’t want to get scammed, check out the sites I have used myself here.

You want to sell things but don’t know where to do it? I have 10 ways listed here.

You want to make money from your home, but not as a business more like rent out a spare room, or your driveways or something similar? Check out some of my ideas here. And while you are at it I have 15 tips for renting a room out you should read too.

Interested in selling books, and I don’t mean writing and selling your own. I mean reselling books you buy I have a free pdf you can download here.

You want to sell on eBay, but don’t know how to go about it? I wrote How to sell on eBay for that very reason!

You need money this week? I have 15 ways you can make money this week right here.

And of course if you want more ideas, advice on how to get started and how to promote yourself for free, you could always buy my book 365 Ways To Make Money or the eBook version here.

The hardest part is usually deciding what to do then taking action and getting started.

How do you decide?

If you are having trouble deciding what to do why not write a list of all the things you want to try then ask yourself these questions:

What appeals to you the most?

What is the easiest to fit in with your lifestyle?

Can you turn something you already do into a money making venture?

Do any rules or regulations in your state make things hard? If so, cross them off the list.

Are there similar things happening in your area? Are other people doing what you want to and if so, how well are they doing and can you do things differently or create a point of difference? Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t.


So what’s stopping you?