Winners and amazing tips for making and saving money!

So I had 2 giveaways end recently one was for $25 thanks to everyone who is using Swagbucks through my link (and we will have more of these in the future!), then the other for Only Hearts Should Be Worn On Sleeves.

And the winners were…

Sarah Thompson ($25!)
Bec from Birdy Num Num

To enter the giveaways I asked a question, one of them was meant to be 25 words or less. I loved all the answers, but to be fair if the question is meant to be under a set amount of words, I can only include entries that adhere to this. But AWESOME IDEAS!!! Thank you to everyone who entered.  As some people did not want their names or anything published I have just listed all the tips here with no names etc attached.

Best money making or saving tips…

To save money when grocery shopping:
– Always bring a list — and stick to it
– Scan the store ads before you go
– Use coupons
– Stock up when prices are good
– Comparison shop

Put all your loose change into a savings tin at the end of each week. In a few months you will be surprised how much you have saved.
I have a separate purse, and anything I buy on special – I transfer the money saved into that purse. At the end of the week/fortnight I pay any money in the purse extra off our mortgage! That way your savings are really ‘saved’ and not ‘just not spent yet’ and it really adds up to help pay off our mortgage quicker

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If something was $70 and is reduced by $50, you are not saving $50, you are spending $20.
I brought a hair cut set and my granddaughter cuts my hair for me it has side trimmer different size cutters great
Money saving tip – wait until things are on special. Pretty much everything goes on special at one time or another. And if you need it sooner, don’t be afraid to ask if they can drop the price. Also, do your research so at any point in time you know whether it’s worth the money or not. And once you have this knowledge in your head you can use it as a bargaining tool to let retailers know if they are charging too much! Another thing is not to be scared of second hand things. It can save you a lot of money in the end!

Money making tip – declutter as often as possible. It’s really surprising how much other people are willing to pay for what you consider junk. Gumtree is a fantastic place to sell things. And it’s all local (usually) and at the expense of the buyer. (on the flip side, you can get some fantastic bargains on there!)

Try just putting $10 a week into a savings account and leave it there to earn you interest until you have reached your goal. I do it for my kids birthdays and Christmas that means by the time a year has gone there is over $520 available when you need it most.

Birthdays and Christmases were becoming expensive as our families were expanding so our extended family decided to make some changes. Firstly we agreed to stop buying greeting cards as they ended up being thrown out after a few weeks anyway. For birthdays we set a $50 limit for each person, and at Christmas time we only bought gifts for each other’s children. We all put in money towards our parents present. Not only is better on our wallets, but also for the environment.

For clothes shopping, l like shopping for clothes at Kmart, what I do is pop in every few weeks and take note of the styles at that time and how many items then wait a few weeks and go back and you can usually pick up the same items after they have been reduced at a clearance price, for example just the other day, they had their black jeans (men’s) started at $20 and got them on clearance for $3 per pair, so not sure how good a tip that is but that’s how I get good clothes cheaply (or leave your girlfriend at home when you go shopping, jokes!)

To save money on gifts, give something you already own to your kids. The gift will hold sentimental value and it won’t cost a thing!

Get all the family to write down every cent they spend for a month, you can easily find the areas where you can cut back a bit, and in my case was a big eye opener for other family members (husband!)
Put a picture of your goal (house, holiday destination etc.) into your wallet where your notes go and one on your fridge so you are reminded of your goals. 🙂

I started shopping for a new electricity provider since Integral energy weren’t willing to offer me a discount of more than 4% after my two year contract finished. I came across Dodo, their rates are already cheaper, plus they offer 10% of if you signup for a year and pay on time. As a bonus I get an Infinite Rewards card which allows me to get discounts from a variety of merchants. The penalty for terminating the 12 month contract early is under $50. They offer 20% off for Victorian customers.

(Note from Kylie: With this one, if you want to shop around for gas and electricity providers there is a great comparison tool you can use here – it is an Australian one and I have used it myself)

So many ways to save, buy one thing a week while pregnant when buying groceries, purée all own veggies and freeze them.

So many ways to save, buy one thing a week while pregnant when buying groceries, purée all own veggies and freeze them.

Put your name down at all the hairdressing franchises in your area that do in-house training, include a list of what you would be prepared to have done. They are always looking for models. The work is fully supervised and while some do charge a small fee for products used most of the services are free!

We’ve some great cheap op shops near us. Each visit I’m normally lucky enough to find things for us & also items to resell. So by the time I resell the items, I always make enough money to cover the outlay (+ some profit sometimes) & so all our items bought have cost us nothing!

Instead of using wipes, use flannels. I bought 20 flannels, all the same colour. Cost $20 and as they are washable, last for ages. Still using them 3 years on. Beats spending $$$ on packs of wipes.

Buy equipment/furniture for new baby from any friends/family or from eBay that they have outgrown. Then sell it again after yours has grown up.

Use the free and low cost resources that already exist in your community. Join the library rather than buying new books to read to baby. Look for sheets and bunny rugs in op shops. They need a really good wash but this way you can have a huge supply just like those old established families in wealthy suburbs. Take the pram and walk to the parks and reserves. Play and rest in the shade of beautiful trees that your rates are already paying for. Talk to baby about the real things in the environment, the stars, the clouds, the dragonflies, and the buildings. High quality materials and experiences are out there just waiting for you. Many volunteers with great qualifications are helping to provide these resources for your use. Staff with great qualifications are employed to provide excellent books, play groups, toys, and more in your community. Councils, churches, clubs, community groups, and universities are providing resources for community use. Use them.

Blend whatever vegies etc. you eat for your baby, saves heaps!

Join one or two store rewards programs and buy your big-ticket items there. You’ll gain money or get discounts to spend on smaller necessities.

Try to breastfeed because it’s free. If you are unable to, deal directly with formula manufacturers for a bulk buy discount.

Having a baby/child ready kit in each car saves mad dashes for wipes/nappies/clothes when you are out – you don’t want the expense of buying extras – does not need to be pretty just practical!
You are going to be spending a lot of money on your baby’s bum! My advice is to forget about brand names and try the Homebrand options. I buy home brand baby wipes (not the cheapest of the cheap though) and they are identical to Johnson’s baby wipes that are double the price. Even nappies have evolved and I find Snugglers to be just as good as Huggies now. Also, there are a lot of baby products out there and yes, it’s all very exciting and overwhelming at first, but don’t go crazy because before you know it you have too much and have to get rid of things you’ve hardly even used. Especially when it comes to newborn clothes – they grow out of them in a couple of weeks! Ask the advice of other mums on what they actually use and skip the temptations. Kids can get by on a lot less than we think!