2011 – 2012 financial year goals – Did I achieve them?

The 2011 – 2012 financial year ends today, so I thought I should review how I went on my goals for last financial year and how I am doing so far on my 2012 financial plan.


My 2011 – 2012 goals were:

1.) Sell 1000 Things I have almost hit 1,000 things. I decided if it wasn’t done by today, I was ending it, but I only have 49 things to sell, and a way to do it, so it can continue a little longer.

2.) $40,000 Challenge – This was a big fat fail for many reasons.

3.) Job for my husband or me – He got a permanent job and I started making more money and having more opportunities for various things, so it has worked well.

4.) Sell our house – I don’t even want to talk about this one!

5.) Speak at the Financial Blogger Conference – I did it last October and will be doing it again this September

6.) Get sponsorship for the conference I got partial sponsorship for that conference and full sponsorship for another conference I was doing, so happy with that.

7.) Launch and promote my book – 365 Ways To Make Money launched July 1st 2012 and has done pretty well.

8.) After the conference, look for full time work for myself I had a bt of a look, then got busy with my online pursuits, so this has not been top priority for me.

9.) Write the eBook I have been meaning to do for 6 months Didn’t happen, instead I am launching a different eBook shortly – Blog To Book. I am just arranging the blog tour for it now.

10.) $100 Christmas – This went really well.

11.) Get out of debt completely – There is a tiny, tiny amount left on a personal loan of my husbands, but I only have the mortgage which was not included in this ‘get out of debt’ goal.

My 2012 financial plan is

1.) Redo my mortgage
Done, in January!

2.) Work my mortgage
We planned on getting a rewards card and really working the mortgage as I have mentioned so many times before, but it didn’t and now won’t happen.

3.) Pay off all consumer debt
As mentioned earlier in the post, there is a small amount of debt in my husbands name that is left, but will be gone soon.

4.) Reassess all our financials
Done and is an ongoing process where I regularly compare to make sure I am still getting the best deal for everything.

5.) Attend Digital Parents Conference and Financial Blogger Conference plus possibly BlogHer12
Done and doing, except BlogHer12, instead I am going to a conference in the UK this year as well.

6.) Family holiday
Hasn’t happened and the plans I had are out the window. I still have 6 months in this year, so it could still happen.

7.) Finish renovations
I don’t want to talk about this one either!

8.) Finish my sell 1000 things challenge
Already mentioned up the top of the post, so I won’t repeat myself.

9.) Increase my streams of income
Done and is a continual process. In January I wrote:

Currently I have my blogs, freelance writing, a bit of hairdressing, reselling things, my books (365 Ways To Make Money and 26 Ingredients) and of course my husband works. These are all good, but I have a few ideas for things that will help others and increase my income. 

I now have public speaking, a new eBook coming out soon, and workshops I will be running soon. There were a few other projects I had planned on getting down by now or at least close to finishing, but life had other plans…

How are you doing with your goals? Do you check on them regularly?

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  1. Wow! These were some pretty grand goals, and you’ve done really well on achieving them/working on them! I review my goals, but I don’t set them on an annual basis.

  2. Wow, Kylie you still have achieved so much, I need to start making goals and see what I’ll be able to achieve!!

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