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A frugal weekend

This weekend my plan was to get some mending done, sort our fridge and organise some things around the home. I also planned on listing more items for sale. Since my week can be pretty hectic, I often play catch-up on things on weekends. This weekend I did a few things which will save me money and thought I would share.

I chopped a heap of vegetables. I did some grocery shopping on Friday and chopped things up so it is simply a matter of grabbing what I need and throwing it in. I store my vegetables in Tupperware so I find they still stay fresh and there are no problems. I have been changing the way I eat so made up my own salad mix which I just grab a handful of as a base for most salads I make. Chopping the vegetables didn’t take long and it means now when thinking about dinner I am saving time and since things are pretty much ready to go I am not tempted to get takeaway.

I did some mending such as patching my daughters jeans. I am not a huge fan of patches, but since she is in preschool and virtually all her clothes get paint and other stains on them and I have not found any pants or jeans her size second hand lately, patching was the best option.

I did a little bit of cooking to freeze stuff and made a few other things like paper gift bags out of scrapbooking paper and a make-up tutorial for my other blog. It was a pretty good weekend. Not as fancy as last weekend, but still productive!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Cute patches!

    I hope you are well:).

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