A wedding like Revenge

Have you ever been to a wedding and thought it was like something from a TV show such as “Revenge” or “The O.C”? On Saturday I got to; my brother got married and the wedding was amazing. It was such a surreal experience. The cars, the clothing, the guests (Tony Abbott was there), the venue; it was all like something from Revenge.

I loved it. It was absolutely beautiful and no expense was spared. Tails on the suits for the men, formal dresses for the women, top hats and white gloves etc… They even used a sword to cut the cake, as her parents had when they got married.

I made my dress for the wedding. I used an unused satin sheet from my sister, a bit of a dress I had but had never worn, some feathers from a mask we had and only had to pay $2 for a zip. All Yours Styling helped me put it together on the day and she is the one who came up with the blue bit and made the peacock piece.

Jac from All Yours Styling made her skirt too and the fabric actually came from her wedding! It was up on the walls at her reception so I thought it was really nice she turned it into a skirt for our brothers wedding.

I did my own hair and make-up.

The silver headband is made to look like leaves and was bought the day before the wedding for $5, my earrings were $4 so my full formal look only cost me $11, which is very good. Especially considering I nearly paid $400 for a dress on Friday because I was unsure the dress I made would be good enough.

To give you an idea of what the wedding was like, here are some small pictures which still do not do it all justice. It really was a TV or movie like wedding.
















(1.Father of the Bride and the Bride, 2. Groomsmen, 3. Bridesmaids, 4. Ceremony venue 5. Location 6. Unity candles 7. Harpist 8. Centrepiece 9. Behind the bridal car 10. Piano 11. Peacock embellishment 12. My brother and niece 13. Cutting the cake with a sword)

Having now attended a fancy wedding, I can see why people want to spend $50,000 – $100,000 on a wedding. It was amazing. I know I could not do it myself for just one day, but I think with all my brother and his beautiful new wife have been through together (she suffered terribly from a complication at work, causing horrendous, lifelong issues and she has nearly died plus her quality and length of life have been significantly decreased) they deserved this day.

Usually I am a pretty frugal chic, as you can tell by me making my dress out of a sheet, but having seen such a glamourous wedding I can definitely see why if people have the money, they do it. And ultimately what people do with their money is their choice.

I could go on about how you could save money on your wedding, and I will probably do a post later on how other members of my family and I have cut costs with our weddings, but I think sometimes we should just be happy for people and how they have chosen to start their married life together. I figure I did my bit with my frugal dress choice, it’s about the only frugal thing from the wedding, but you know what?

They did not go into debt to pay for this wedding. It was something her parents had always wanted and they paid for most of it, as per tradition. It was all within their budget and I think that is the main thing with any wedding. Do not go into debt to pay for it, stay within a budget and make it your special day. This wedding truly reflected my brother, his gorgeous wife and their families.

Have you ever been to a wedding you deem to be extravagant and amazing? What did you do for your wedding?

6 thoughts on “A wedding like Revenge

  1. I do think it is amazing when people can have the wedding of their dreams (debt free) It looked beautiful. For me, my husband and I went the cheapest route possible, not to save money but just because we impulsively decided to get married. No time to plan. lol

  2. Having recently gotten married, I know how easy it is to spend that much money on a wedding. Before then I had no clue what things cost but I now know you can spend as much or as little as you like. We didn’t have to pay for ours – our lovely parents paid for the lot – but we managed to keep it under $10k. This was managed by holding the ceremony at my parent’s place and doing everything ourselves.
    I’ve been to a few expensive weddings in my time but I like to think that the guests had just as an amazing time at ours!

  3. @Katie – That is great. Being impulsive is a fun way to live!

    @Surely Sarah – My parents paid for most of ours too and wed kept to a much smaller budget (albeit it a larger one than my siblings as my wedding was much larger because I married a Polynesian = HUGE family). We spent under $10k too and had a lot of help so we could DIY a lot too and people still talk about how great our wedding was, so I think budget is irrelevant when it comes to a great wedding.

  4. I get disgusted when I think about how much our wedding cost. It was also quite in control, in terms of not shelling out for many frivolous things, but still the number is disgusting!

  5. @Anne did you love your wedding though? I look at mine and while much less than my brothers, it was still too much money and almost everything was wrong anyway. If I were to do it again, I’d elope!

  6. It has now been almost 2 months since my wedding and wow am I glad we were as conservative as we were. We ended up spending 4k but we got so much out of it. We still were able to get a cliff-side outdoor wedding with beautiful views of the southern california beaches, beautiful reception with twinkling lights, amazing flowers, an amazing dress, and fantastic food. Im frustrated sometimes by people saying well it was only…$15k. You can buy a new car for $15k for cripes sake. Weddings are about celebrations, not extravagance.

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