Bucket list – Marking things off

At the end of last year I wrote out my bucket list. I figured with young children I could probably only do about 1 a year because a lot of my bucket list involves travel.

The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride here with health issues, my daughter’s diagnosis and some other personal issues. At first it meant I had no idea how I would be able to cover my expenses since my daughters therapy is expensive, but as always, I went about looking for ways to make more money and am now covering her therapy with no problems.

Just this week I realized the change in circumstances in my life will actually free up time and money for me. Everything that has been going on has seen me reach a few other goals and look at life differently.

I now have a voucher to learn to surf (one thing on my bucket list). I have been looking up the other things on my bucket list to see how much they would be, the best times to do them etc.

A few of them such as ‘shoot a gun’ and ‘see whales in the wild’ are actually really easy for me to do, it is just a matter of booking and paying for it.

When I realized how many things I could actually do in the next 6 months with the ways things have changed in my life I got quite excited.

How many people write their bucket list, but then don’t actually do anything about marking things off?

It is whale season at the moment here in Sydney. They are migrating and in the next few months I could easily see some. It only costs $75 and I could do it just about anytime.

So I am. I am going to do surfing, see whales in the wild, shoot a gun, ride a horse and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef this year!

It’s all about setting goals. Too often we have things we want to do, but instead of setting goals and making them happen, we just leave them as dreams or wishes.


What are you dreaming about doing that you should set as a goal and achieve instead of just dreaming or wishing?

One thought on “Bucket list – Marking things off

  1. Awesome Kylie ….. Hope you get to achieve as much of your Bucket List as you can. We just need to be determined, set the goals and then start doing them, even if it is only one thing a year.

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