Do whatever you want money tin

by Kylie on June 15, 2012

See this money tin? I made it from an old milo tin, paper and some stickers I had one time when I was angry at my husband. I have always wanted to travel and see the world. My husband is a homebody and one day we had a huge disagreement over travel plans, so instead of arguing any further I decided to make this tin and call it “Kylie’s Do Whatever She Wants Money Tin!” It is separate from my sanity money, although my sanity money does go in there sometimes.

This tin, when I made it, was to be used for the travel and things I want to do that he doesn’t want to do. This way I would be using ‘my money’ and if I wanted to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or go see whales in the wild or any other number of things on my bucket list I could.

The first bit of money to go in this tin was actually USD. I had a bit of cash left over from the Financial Bloggers Conference last year (deliberately, I wanted to have enough for a cab fare next time I went back).

Every now and then when I have found some coins or foreign money, I put it in there. What started out of anger has actually turned out to be really good.

If you don’t have sanity money, or don’t feel you can afford to give yourself money each pay, this can be a great way to get a little freedom. If you find money anywhere such as on the ground, in the car or you earn a little extra you can put it in you “do whatever you want with’ tin!

Do you have a money tin or some sort of sanity/play money?

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