No spend just sell challenge

by Kylie on June 11, 2012

It’s been just over a week for the no spend just sell challenge and so far it has been pretty good. I will admit I did get takeaway one day for my kids, but other than that I think I have done pretty well.

I did make my dress for the formal wedding on the weekend. It wasn’t easy as I started to really want to buy something instead of wear what I had. (I posted a bit more on the how to make it on my personal blog).

Embellishment from my dress

I have used up a lot of the food we had and our kitchen is starting to look pretty bare. I have lots of meals preprepared such as soups, frozen in the freezer which has helped a lot.

(Freeze meals flat as they defrost quicker and are easier to place int he freezer)

I have sold quite a few books, but am yet to list anything else. It has been very busy here with the wedding and things, but this week is quieter.

Yesterday my daughters school bag broke so I am going to need to get a new one which was an unplanned purchase, but we’ll see if I find something first. We have a little bag she is going to use until payday.

At times the desire to spend has been incredibly strong. The way I have managed to talk myself out of buying have been a combination of visualising my mortgage sitting at an amount I want that I am pretty close to (only $3k and I am there) or thinking would I rather this or be able to buy/do something when I go to the USA in Sept? Then finally, if all else fails I try and focus on and visualise $1,000,000. It was why I started my financial journey in the first place, to become a millionaire. The visualisation really helps me.

How are you doing with the challenge? Or do you plan on doing it later?


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