No Spend Just Sell Challenge – Hardest One Ever

This has been possibly the hardest no spend challenge I have ever done. I always knew to a degree, that when I get upset or depressed I shop. The past few months have been rather hard for numerous reasons and previously when things got hard I would buy myself something new.

It’s stupid I know, and I often regretted the purchases, but it was my pattern of behavior. Thankfully I am also rather strict and while I have not done this challenge completely successfully, I have spent significantly less than I would have had I not been doing a no spend just sell challenge.

The other weekend, when I had the wedding, my sister was up. The day she was leaving we went to do a little bit of shopping as we had time to spare and where I live is cheaper for clothing than where she lives because we have more competition.

In one particular shop I discovered a jacket I absolutely fell in love with. I am still thinking about it. I picked it up, carried it around the shop with me, found a scarf to match and took it up to the counter. My sister made her purchases before me and I intended to lay by.

When it was my turn I asked if the lay by and that store doesn’t. I immediately said “Ok, just hang on and I will transfer the money.”

It was then that I stopped.

What was I doing? Why on earth am I withdrawing from my savings for a want, not a need, when I am supposed to be on a no spend challenge. I turned back to the sales assistant and said “Never mind, thanks anyway. I changed my mind.” And left the store.

You see, I have been ensuring I only keep just enough money on my card for necessities. I transfer everything else out and then on the days I need it, I transfer the budgeted money back in so it is available to me. I am doing this because right now, I don’t trust myself. I know I will spend it if the money is in there.

Everyone has their weaknesses and while I am usually pretty good and disciplined, I can be a terrible spendaholic if I let myself.

Food has been interesting this month. I have not bought snack food, instead focused on more fresh produce. My bill went up a little, but we are not eating as much because we feel fuller with more natural foods than we did on the junk foods. So I think it balances out when you take into account the food we are buying is lasting longer.

I have had a bit of success selling books and some fabric, mainly on Facebook. I’ve listed more things on eBay which end before the end of the month and have used up some things I was going to sell by using them in activities for the youth group I am part of, so I am happy things are slowly leaving my house.

How are you doing?

4 thoughts on “No Spend Just Sell Challenge – Hardest One Ever

  1. Is it bad that I feel like you cheated on me?
    I sat there for a while going “I wasn’t with you, I don’t remember this…” You have more that one shopping sister now…

    BUT Good on you for stopping yourself, taking hold of the situation and sticking to your guns! Great example for all of us! xx

  2. Good for you for putting it back! I feel like I’ve been in that situation so many times and it’s like the universe is screaming, “noooooooo, don’t buy it!” Sometimes I listen. 🙂 This month is not going very well, some due to my own spending control, and some very unforeseen big expenses came up. All you can do is try again, right?

  3. It sounds like you did so great! I think it’s a really good idea to only have enough money in there for the necessities; it forces you to really examine what you’re withdrawing for, and it completely worked for you. Good luck with your ebay endeavors! I just helped my friend set up some sales on half…only one thing gone so far, but it’s only been a week so we’ll give it time.

  4. oh no I only made it till the 23rd – and then there were too many spends over the weekend. But I have made an extra $250 this month.

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