New Financial Year Goals

We are almost 2 weeks into the new financial year, so I really should set some goals. I did really well with last financial year and hope to do just as well this year.

So here they are:

1.) Publish 3 eBooksBlog to Book, 50+ ways to make money with your blog and Fast Money.
2.) Family holiday – not sure where, but I am leaning towards the central coast so we can go fishing, camping and to a waterfall. My daughters keep asking to do these things, so I will take them.
3.) Sell the house –  I really want to move. This has been on the list of things to do for a long, long time and it needs to be done. I;ve gotten serious about researching where I want to live and am ready to go!
4.) Get rid of anything I haven’t sold – I was supposed to do this at the end of June, but on the 30th sprained my ankle and was unable to. I spent a week sitting in bed staring at it all, so now I just want it gone!
5.) Do 4 No Spend Challenges – I try to live frugally, but sometimes junk food and things slip into my routine. This financial year I will plan out 4 no spend months.
6.) Redefine what I want to do with my blogs and do it. It has changed over time and more recently I think I have really worked out what I want to do with them all, so now I am implementing the plans.
7.) Go to the USA for the Financial Blogger Conference, the UK for Write Up (another financial blogger conference) and go to France.
8.) Take a learn to surf class – I have a gift certificate, I just need to book it and do it.
9.) See whales in the wild – They come past Sydney and there are tours you can take, I just need to finally do it.
10.) Shoot a gun – this is on my bucket list.
11.) Learn to say NO! I am way to soft and agree to do too many things. I will be stepping back from a lot of things and when I feel uncomfortable about something, I will just say no.
12.) Make back double the cost of the financial blogger conferences. I have sponsorship, but I would really love to see myself earn double what the conferences cost as a direct result of the conferences. Last year, after the conference I decided to outsource some of my advertising after meeting someone at the conference who does it and through that I have more than covered the cost of the conference. This year I want to make even more.

What are your financial new year goals? Do you set goals?

6 thoughts on “New Financial Year Goals

  1. It is always great to have financial goals for the year as well as other goals. Good luck with them all Kylie and I look forward to hearing how you get on with each of them.

  2. It’s so inspiring to read your list of goals, Kylie, and I wish you all the very best in achieving them this year. This year’s main financial goals in my household is to buy a family home to fit the 4 of us plus my husband’s home business, take two trips interstate to visit our families and take a long beachy holiday somewhere in Australia. I really like the idea of your no-spend months, and am going to give that a go at least twice this financial year. What are the rules?

  3. Are you in nsw? South coast where my dad lives is amazing for family camping holidays. He is at huskisson. Beautiful, everyone i recommend it to keeps going back. I’m in western Sydney and it does not take too long to get there at all.

  4. Heck Pps there is an indoor gun range at st Mary’s, who have a visitor day each month, my eldest who wants to be a policeman is going as part of a birthday treat. He is 13, you get to choose which guns you wish to use, he wants to try the ones they use in the for e

  5. @Peta – Thank you. 🙂
    @Amber – Good luck with buying a house. That is a great goal. As for no spend challenges, you set your own rules, but basically I cut out anything I absolutely do not need. When things come up I find a way to make do or do without. Some things get written on a board and if still needed at the end of the month, they can be purchased. All the posts about No Spend Challenges are here

    @Sarah Thank you! I’m in Sydney, the South Coast is beautiful. I have considered there and the Central Coast for camping trips. I’ll have to check out the whale tours! And thank you for the tip on the gun range. I was told quite a few have a free/trial day so was going to look into it more. Good luck to your son with becoming a policeman, that is fantastic!

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