New Financial Year Goals

by Kylie on July 13, 2012

We are almost 2 weeks into the new financial year, so I really should set some goals. I did really well with last financial year and hope to do just as well this year.

So here they are:

1.) Publish 3 eBooksBlog to Book, 50+ ways to make money with your blog and Fast Money.
2.) Family holiday – not sure where, but I am leaning towards the central coast so we can go fishing, camping and to a waterfall. My daughters keep asking to do these things, so I will take them.
3.) Sell the house –  I really want to move. This has been on the list of things to do for a long, long time and it needs to be done. I;ve gotten serious about researching where I want to live and am ready to go!
4.) Get rid of anything I haven’t sold – I was supposed to do this at the end of June, but on the 30th sprained my ankle and was unable to. I spent a week sitting in bed staring at it all, so now I just want it gone!
5.) Do 4 No Spend Challenges – I try to live frugally, but sometimes junk food and things slip into my routine. This financial year I will plan out 4 no spend months.
6.) Redefine what I want to do with my blogs and do it. It has changed over time and more recently I think I have really worked out what I want to do with them all, so now I am implementing the plans.
7.) Go to the USA for the Financial Blogger Conference, the UK for Write Up (another financial blogger conference) and go to France.
8.) Take a learn to surf class – I have a gift certificate, I just need to book it and do it.
9.) See whales in the wild – They come past Sydney and there are tours you can take, I just need to finally do it.
10.) Shoot a gun – this is on my bucket list.
11.) Learn to say NO! I am way to soft and agree to do too many things. I will be stepping back from a lot of things and when I feel uncomfortable about something, I will just say no.
12.) Make back double the cost of the financial blogger conferences. I have sponsorship, but I would really love to see myself earn double what the conferences cost as a direct result of the conferences. Last year, after the conference I decided to outsource some of my advertising after meeting someone at the conference who does it and through that I have more than covered the cost of the conference. This year I want to make even more.

What are your financial new year goals? Do you set goals?

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