Questions about me answered

So Tammy recently commented:
Hi- I have been following this blog for a while and am really curious/nosey…. Where are you at with your million? Is it saved money you are trying to get or assets and how close are you to your goal? How old are you now? For these conferences and trips etc do you pay for them or do the organisers sponsor your flights? You seem to be great with your money- what is your weekly income vs expenses?

And since she is not the only person to have asked me similar questions of late I thought I would answer them here for everyone.

How old am I?
I am 27 now, so still have almost 3 years to go to beat my deadline.

Is the $1,000,000 save money or assets and how close am I?
The $1,000,000 is/will be assets and saved money.

As for how close, well, I was doing really well, then last year had a rough 12 months (you can read about that here) and more recently had some medical expenses and issues come up for both my daughter and I, and a few other things cropped up in my personal life a couple of months ago, all of which cost me dearly. Had I not been doing my challenge I would be in a really bad state right now and would have lost my house and car and basically be completely broke, with no idea how to fix it all.

I am closer than I would’ve been had I not set my goal and started finding ways to make money, but I am not as close as I would have hoped I would be by now, due to so many issues happening during this time as well. I won’t be disclosing exactly where I am at, but will let everyone know when I hit my millionaire goal.

Do I pay for the conferences or do the organisers?
Conferences are a funny one, basically it completely depends and varies form conference to conference. Speaking events within Australia usually have everything paid for, a recent one in Melbourne expected me to still buy a ticket and pay for everything myself, which I was not made aware of, since whenever I speak anywhere else I don’t pay. As such there was some confusion on the day and in all honesty, I will not be involved in that conference again.

For overseas conferences it depends on the size of the event, how much sponsorship they have etc. My ticket and some other expenses are usually covered, plus often a payment for speaking. For any out of pocket expenses I might incur, I get a sponsor to cover other things. So there are not out of pocket expenses for me and I make money off the trips. The overseas ones are best because I also do shopping for others while there, as it is so much cheaper than in Australia. I also stock up on my own supplies. For example in the USA I can buy a years supply of make-up for ¼ of the price I pay here. I get razors and other toiletries, plus clothing and things for a fraction of the cost of items here. Apple products for example are a few hundred there compared to being close to a thousand or over here.

As for my income vs expenses, it’s extremely variable so I have a basic budget, but my income is so up and down it has to be flexible..

If you have any questions you want me to answer either about myself, or money in general I am happy to answer them. You can leave a comment or email me if you prefer. I am not a financial advisor, so I won’t give specific, personalised advice.