Sell 1,000 things completed!

I mostly sold second hand books in this challenge


Last month I had a no spend just sell challenge and I hoped to complete my sell 1,000 things challenge. I had decided that by the end of June anything that was sitting to be sold, but hadn’t been, would be donated. Things like books, fabric and other ‘stuff’ from around my home.

The 30th of June came and I sprained my ankle, badly. It had been my intention to take all my stuff to the op shop/thrift store on Monday, 2nd of July, but I was told I had to rest, elevate and ice my leg for a week.

For a week I sat there staring at the boxes of stuff I now just wanted gone. Towards the end of the week I got a message from a Facebook group I sell stuff on about fabric and craft supplies. Then I got more messages for more things. I ended up selling a stack of that stuff the week after it was supposed to be gone.

I sold so much I have now completed my sell 1,000 things challenge too! It is such a relief because that challenge had got to the point where I felt like it was holding me back and distracting me from other projects because I wanted to complete it.

So now it is completed, I made on average $7.35 an item, which was better than I initially hoped. I sold mostly books, clothing and craft supplies. Some items I did buy to resell, but way too much of it was stuff I already had.

I had a garage sale – see 50 tips on hosting a yard sale (squidoo lens of mine)

I listed things on Facebook – how to sell on Facebook (this post is on another blog of mine)

I sold on eBay – How to sell on eBay

I mostly searched my home for things I no longer used and sold them. I also got given stuff by others to sell and keep the money. I searched second hand stores for things I could buy and resell as well as clearance sections in stores.

I know a few people have decided to do their own sell 1,000 things challenge. If you want to sell your things you might want to check out these posts:

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3 thoughts on “Sell 1,000 things completed!

  1. Congrats!! I’m just over halfway through and I think I’m gong to stop, its been good to get rid of stuff but I’m not feeling it anymore.

    $7 average for an item is awesome! And now you will have more energy for what you want to do 🙂

  2. Great job with the sale.
    I’m always purging, but I wish I had more time to sell things rather than donating to goodwill.

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