Yakezie Carnival – More than just money

For my regular readers the Yakezie Network is an amazing community of bloggers who help each other and work together. It started as a way to help improve Alexa rankings, but turned into a whole network of amazing bloggers so willing to help each other and work together.

A carnival is a round up of posts, hence the Yakezie Carnival. This week we have a fantastic round up of posts which are about more than just money. I’m the luck host this week, so here they are…

Edward Antrobus @ Edward Antrobus writes The Warren Buffest Congressional Reform Act – Warren Buffet has a plan to reduce the deficit, but it seems overly simplistic to me. My problems with the Congressional Reform Act of 2012.

Shilpan @ Street Smart Finance writes 5 Life Lessons for Wealth and Happiness from Ben Franklin – Benjamin Franklin’s name embodies timeless wisdom for wealth and happiness. He was an author, inventor, diplomat, and statesman. But he is known for the virtues of frugality, kindness and justice for all.

Kurt Fischer @ Money Counselor writes The Big LIBOR Lie – Perplexed by but vaguely uneasy about the Barclays and LIBOR headlines? The actions underlying the scandal may have directly affected your pocketbook, even if you’ve never been a Barclays customer.

Lance @ Money Life & More writes Passive Income: Not As Passive As You Think – If there is one topic personal finance bloggers absolutely love it is passive income. According to wikipedia, “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” There are two key phrases in this definition that will help you define what passive income is to you.

Kylie Ofiu writes Money Making Challenge – Step 15 – I have been doing a money making challenge where you find some money, then double it repeatedly until you have over a million. I am currently on step 15 with is $400 – $800 and this is how I went from a few dollars on the ground to over $400.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Cuts in public spending are not going to affect front line services! – In this post how cuts in public spending affect adversely public services is discussed through my latest business trip experience.

Jason @ Work Save Live writes Saving a Down Payment For a House – Our Journey June 2012 – Saving a Down Payment for a House The end of May and throughout the month of June presented a lot of great changes for us.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes Should You Build Your Own Home? – Owning a home is the dream of most middle-class families. Not only does it offer the ability to be in control of your own housing environment (as opposed to renting), but it offers long term financial security. Yet, it’s not always attainable. As we have mentioned before, buying a house can be difficult with the recent economy.

Invest It Wisely @ Invest It Wisely writes How Hard is It to Become a Freelancer? – Do you find that the world is becoming a little bit more entrepreneurial, these days? Read my experiences and see if you agree!

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes My Family’s Circle of Savings – I try to imagine the looks on the faces of Transportation Security Administration Inspectors when they x-ray my bag full of liquids, perishables, drugs

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Starting Out Rich Is Not As Satisifying As Becoming Rich – My background from being poor to working and believing that I could become wealthy.

JP @ My Family Finances writes Average Family Spending On Back-to-School Shopping in 2012 – This year total family spending will be a record $83.8 billion. How do you stack up against the average family spending on back-to-school shopping.

John @ Married (with Debt) writes Does America Need Small Businesses to Fail? – Does the American economy need small businesses to fail? And from this question: does the economy depend on having both losers and winners?

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Tips for Buying a New Car – Learn a basic step-by-step guide for buying a new car. It’s not as easy as you might think.

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Why Blogging is a Respectable Business – Find out why blogging is a respectable business model and why it aligns with the future of online usage.

Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy writes Bitcoin, the ‘Comeback Kid’ – Bitcoin is a fascinating concept! Read about how it’s making a comeback and see if it could have a place in your financial arsenal?

BARBARA FRIEDBERG @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes 3 PRODUCTIVITY TIPS FROM MY SUMMER VACATION – Put all the same type of tasks together. Work through them quickly and with focus. Next move on. Don’t recheck, reread, and review. It’s a waste of time. Once done with a task, don’t come back to the same task to do just one more little bit. That is totally inefficient. Move on.

J Wayne @ All Things Finance writes The State of Social Security – Social security has often been called a Ponzi scheme. This infographic details why it was been labeled as such.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes New Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – 9 Things You Need to Know – The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau was created to help regulate financial businesses and protect consumers from the kinds of practices that contributed to the recent recession.

Bryan Maltier @ Gajizmo.com writes Millionaires By The Numbers – Up Close and Personal – Meet the millionaires of the United States. With 8% of all U.S. households qualifying as millionaires, the million-dollar club is more attainable than ever with the right financial habits and attitude.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes Handling Mistakes at Work – When I first started in internship #1, I was so excited to get a little bit of real world experience in my field.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Why is it Important to Create Your Own Unique Investment Plan? – Read my article on why it is important to create your own unique investment plan!

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes How to Earn Extra Money by Renting Out your Home Wi-Fi – Why not make more money by renting out Wi-Fi access at your home?

Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think writes The Rent vs. Buy Debate: Why Renting Makes Sense – Is it better to buy vs rent? Buying your home may give you the warm and fuzzies. But before you take on the expensive cost of home ownership, run the numbers.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes The 6 Best Wedding Gifts To Give – Don’t know what to get the bride and groom? Here are some great suggestions that you simply can’t go wrong with!

MMD @ My Money Design writes Lessons in Retirement from the Movie “About Schmidt” – Don’t let your retirement be like Warren Schmidt’s from the movie “About Schmidt”. Enter the age of retirement with a plan and purpose.

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes We’re Buying Our First House! – Around a month ago, my husband came to me and said that we really need to buy a house right away. Scary! I’m the one who handles the budget and all the money…

Greg Field @ NerdWallet writes What Are the Best Ways to Send Money to an Individual? – A really useful review of the different ways to transfer money to people and how you can save the most. Enjoy!

Evan @ My Journey to Millions writes 6 Month Update on 2012 Goals and Objectives – Written before reading my 2012 Goals and Objectives: I hope I am wrong but I have a sinking suspicion that I have not lived up to what I must have written in that post. If this is the case I rather than making excuses I am going to try and explain whether I am altering the goal or how I am going to change my plan of action to achieve the goal.

Jason @ Live Real, Now writes Sammy’s Story Part 2 – For those of you not following along, please read the previous installment of Sammy’s Story. The short version is that we’re thinking about helping someone launch a small business and put “at risk” teenagers and young adults to work.

MR @ Money Reasons writes Earning 25 Percent On My Previous Mortgage Payment – Earning 25 Percent On My Previous Mortgage Payment by overlapping some awesome money instruments

J.P. @ Novel Investor writes CD Rates Beating Treasury Rates – With treasury rates at all time lows, CD rates are a safe second option offering more flexibility and backed by the FDIC.

Mr. Money @ Smart on Money writes 3 Things to Consider When Investing During Retirement – While you don’t need to become a day trader, there are some things to think about when investing during retirement to make sure that your portfolio survives throughout your golden years:

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Life is Too Short to Spend Time Ironing Sheets – Here is the list of things that I refuse to waste time on since they do not give me enough satisfaction to justify the time spent. Life is too short.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Maxed Out – “Maxed Out” is exactly how I’ve been feeling – not financially really, but time wise. Maybe it’s because I over-commit myself, or perhaps it’s that I can’t say “no”, or just that I really need a vacation. I’ve been counting down the days until my summer position is finished which is unusual for me.

Jessica @ Budget for Health writes Yakezie Challenge: Fail – After 6 months, I did not make it to

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Five Professional Athletes Who Are Struggling Financially – I always find it so interesting to see some of the inner workings of professional athletes and famous people’s finances. Below are five professional athletes who filed bankruptcy.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Do Parents Have To Help? – Just how far should parents go to ensure their children have reduced debt burden after they graduate?

krantcents @ KrantCents writes The 3 Y’s of Success – The 3 Y’s of Success is the twenty-fifth in a series of articles to help you reach your goal.

L Bee @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes Everyone remembers their first…. – Credit Card that is…. I remember one day in late fall of 2005 I didn’t have money to pay for some sisterhood retreat I wanted to go on. So I got online and applied for my first credit card. It was shockingly easy and I received it in the mail less than a week later.

Passive Income Earner @ The Passive Income Earner writes Dividend Growth Index – 2012 Q2 Results – We are currently in our 3rd quarter of the Dividend Growth Index (DGI)which started back in September 2011 as a project to see how our picks (a group of dividend focused bloggers) would perform over time compared with an index. Here is a background on the Dividend Growth Index (DGI).

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Five Ways Anyone Can Make Extra Money – Ever since I started making a little extra money from my hobby (and realizing the difference that it makes on your monthly budget), I have been a little obsessed with different ways to make money. There is so much more that you can do with extra money. The idea of it being extra money can be dangerous though because it can encourage more splurging.

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Should You Invest with Less the $5,000? – If you have a small amount of money, should I invest on a regular basis? Let’s answer this question together and start multiplying our money!

Drew @ Objective Wealth writes Modelling Money for Financial Success – Drew has developed some simple conceptual models to show how the sequence and stages from what we earn to what we spend (and what we do in-between) determines our chances of becoming wealthy in the long term.

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes If You’re Traveling, Don’t Forget To Pack Travel Insurance – Travel insurance protects more than just the expense of your flight.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes How to Predict Inflation and Deflation – Inflation is something that market participants care a lot about. How exactly do you go about predicting inflation? Learn here.

PPlaner @ Provident Plan writes Shop Around for Your Property, Not Your Bank – Looking for a home? If so, then you know shopping around for both your mortgage and your new home can save you thousands of dollars.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes Your Obsession With FREE – Are you drawn to things that are BOGO (buy one get one free)? I’m guessing you are. We all are. The sound of FREE is music to our ears. Why? Because it’s not only free, it’s RISK FREE. The majority of us are such sissies that we would rather “not lose” than “win.&

Kevin @ Thousandaire writes I Saved a Bunch of Money on Food Last Week – I identified a spending problem and I fixed it. I saved a bunch of money by not eating out last week.

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes My Top 10 Worst Shopping Mistakes – Read these top 10 worst shopping mistakes! Do you do the same ones?

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes Job Hunting Success – Interview 201: At the Interview, and Beyond – Some advice on how to appear more confident and assertive during your job interview, as well as following up after your interview

Call Me What You Want Even Cheap @ Call Me What You Want Even Cheap writes What Did Your Parents Teach You About Money? – This post is about the lessons I learned as a child about money

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes What is Offshore Savings? – Offshore savings is an aspect of offshore banking that focuses on just savings accounts. This is a popular option for many people looking to diversify where their cash is held, but don’t necessarily need the full features of an offshore bank. Having an account offshore can offer diversity that being in a single country cannot…

Teacher Man @ My University Money writes Student Lines Of Credit – Student lines of credit are great to have because of the insanely low interest rates. We’ll show you why these are superior to most loans.

Young @ Young And Thrifty writes Why Starting Your Career Rurally Makes Sense – Starting Your Career Rurally can give you an edge over people living in the cities, we’ll show you why.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Finding Motivation when You Have None – If you are unmotivated to do something, it may not mean you don’t want to do it. Unmotivated might just mean that you’re not approaching it in a way that makes you want to take action.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes The Best Time To Buy A Home Might Be Now – From a financial perspective, the window for pouncing on a once-in-a-lifetime deal on a home might be narrowing.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes The Hidden Costs of My Husband’s New Job – My husband’s new job has come with some major hidden costs. Here’s what we’re doing to attempt to deflect his job’s negative impact on our bottom line.

YFS @ Your Finances Simplified writes How I Almost Got Cheated out of 650 bucks – So as you all may know we recently purchased our 3 rental property. I did a lot of talking about in the following posts.

Marie at Family Money Values @ Family Money Values writes What is Retirement? It is so much more than financial planning! – What are the non-financial aspects to retirement planning? What is it that you want to do as a retired person, that you aren’t doing or can’t do now when you are working? Really think about those activities. Picture yourself doing them day in and day out. Consider whether they will be attractive to you after that first golden year! Do you want to sleep in, then go play golf? What happens if you can’t sleep? What if it rains? What if there is no one to play golf with? What if your body won

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes Are You an Impulse Spender? – Are you an impulse spender? Do you spend money because it is fun to spend? Do you often find yourself looking at your…

Deacon Hayes @ Well Kept Wallet writes The Purpose of an Emergency Fund – Emergencies happen and you need to be prepared. If you were to have the transmission go out on your car, how would you pay for it? Would you put it on a credit card? If the emergency cost you $2,000, how long would it take you to pay off that card? With an Emergency Fund, you can plan for the unknown.

Steven Zussino @ Grocery Alerts writes Ultimate Cloth vs. Disposable Diaper Calculator – Do you know if cloth diapers or disposable diapers less expensive? We created a calculator that looks at 17 types of cloth diapers (including all-in-one and hybrid cloth diaper systems) and provide pricing for different types of disposable diapers. The calculator looks closely at the cleaning costs, electricity, and hydro and looks at diaper use estimates from several sources and tells you what each system costs.

Ray @ Squirrelers writes 5 Reasons Why Disneyland is Worth Visiting – It may be expensive to visit Disney, but I think it’s worth it for a life experience for kids. Or, even grown ups!

TTMK @ Tie the Money Knot writes 7 Reasons to Use Credit Cards – Credit cards can get people into trouble, but not if they’re used responsibly, as this post articulates.

PK @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job… writes Taxing Fat Citizens and the Health Care Bill – With community rating and guaranteed issuance the issue crops up – should we tax people for their habits and hobbies which lead to poorer health results?

SB @ One Cent at a Time writes Earning Quick Money – $100 a day – various tips to earn quick cash in a day without investment . This article lists various ways to earn $100 in a day legally and without a single penny of investment.

SB @ Finance Product Reviews writes Iberia Bank Visa Gold Card Review – Almost Lowest APR Card in the Market – We reviewed Iberiabank visa gold card card and found it to have one of the lowest APRs in the industry, this can be an excellent choice for your short term cash need.

Beating Broke @ Beating Broke writes Can You Fund Your Own Lending Club Loan? – In order to be both a borrower and a lender at Lending Club, you have to open two accounts. With two accounts, can your lender account fund your borrower account’s loan?

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes The Best Credit Card Offers – Finding the best credit card offer can give you a ton of rewards and perks and make your spending more efficient. Here are some of the best credit card offers around.

Penny Golightly @ TotallyMoney writes Peer-to-Peer Lending: What is it and Who Offers it? – A beginners guide to peer to peer lending.

Katie @ The Discount Coder Blog writes Save money on small business marketing… by DIY blogging! – Small businesses have a hard enough time competing with the big boys without wasting money on tired online marketing practices. That’s where blogging comes in. If you’re a small business and want to get closer to your customers, blogging is a super cheap and effective way to get that done. Here are our top tips…

Michelle @ See Debt Run writes Dance Like No One’s Looking – Does shopping make you happy? My quest to find something else that brings me joy starts here.

Cash Flow Mantra @ Cash Flow Mantra writes Buying Only Stocks That Pay Dividends – Fortunately, it is possible to teach this old dog some new tricks. That is why I am simply working on changing all the stocks in my retirement accounts to dividend paying stocks and tracking my dividend income this year. I did manage to hit my goal for the 1st quarter. Over the next 25 years, I will allow those accounts to grow and reinvest those dividends into more stocks.

Earth and Money @ Earth and Money writes Seven Reasons for Renting over Buying – There’s a lot of reasons to buy property, but sometimes its better to rent. Here’s seven reasons why renting is better than buying.

Robert @ My Multiple Incomes writes Work-Life Balance – Even if you do work a lot, you can still find happiness in your job and make it less hectic. Everyone is different with what they can handle and manage in their life, so keep that in mind also.

Everything Finance @ Everything Finance Blog writes How to Create a Production Budget – If you are in manufacturing, you should be regularly creating a production budget. This budget will factor in two basics: the cost of labor and the cost of materials. Knowing these two pieces of information can help you set the price of your item at a competitive price that will still allow you to profit.

Paul Vachon @ The Frugal Toad writes Forex Pattern Recognition – Although pattern recognition programs cannot yet outperform experienced technical analysis in terms of accuracy, they can usually provide a relatively quick and numerically accurate graphical analysis of a forex price chart.

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