30 Day Money Makeover

30 day money makeover
How good would it be to have all aspects of your finances better, have more money, be able to save more and make more money? Each day in February I shared a post with an area you can make and save money in from your budget. Going over your finances, step by step, day by day, is easier than trying to tackle it all at once.

If you want to makeover your finances and improve your lifestyle, check out these posts. If you prefer a downloadable guide or want extra help along the way, check out Be Your Own CFO. I highly recommend it.

Day 1 – Set a budget – there are various ways to do it. This post covers everything you need to know how to set a budget.
Day 2 – How to make and save money on housing, and it’s not just rent or buy the smallest place possible/cheap areas or get a boarder in to make some money.
Day 3 – How to make and save money on transport.
How good would it be if your commute to work made you money?
Day 4 – How to make and save money on groceries. In Australia we don’t really have coupons, so these ideas are things everyone can do and a few ideas to help you make money from something you do already.
Day 5 – How to save money on insurance.
Day 6 – How to save money on gas and electricity. I recently got my electricity bill below $200, for a 3 bedroom + rumpus room home with 4 people, so here are my tips.
Day 7 – How to save money on water. It is essential for life, but doesn’t need to cost a lot.
Day 8 – How to make and save money with entertainment. Want some fun ways to entertain without breaking the bank?
Day 9 – How to make and save money with phones and internet.
Day 10 – How to make and save money with clothing. Learn ways to get your clothes cheaper and even make money with it.
Day 11 – 6 Ways to easily reduce debt. If you are slogging away at debt it can feel like you are getting nowhere with your finances. These 6 ways can help a lot, without making huge sacrifices.
Day 12 – Make and save money with banking
Day 13 – Sanity money. Why you should have money you can blow on anything and how to do it.
Day 14 – How to save money with gift giving. There are many ways to give wonderful gifts without breaking the bank.
Day 15 – How to save money on healthcare. There are things you can do to increase your health, reduce your expenses and get the healthcare you need, all within a budget.
Day 16 – Set up savings. It seems so simple, yet so few people do it.
Day 17 – Make and save money with travel. Wouldn’t a holiday that pays for itself be great?
Day 18 – Charitable donations – it’s your choice
Day 19 – Retirement planning is a crucial part of any financial review. Do you have your retirement planned?
Day 20 – Make and save money with education. If you have kids at school or are studying yourself, these tips will help reduce your costs, and help you make money.
Day 21 – Do you have a will? It might not affect you, but your loved ones and your finances need to be taken care of when you pass.
Day 22 – DIY, do it yourself. DIY can save you a lot of money and if you get good at things, you can even turn your skills into a money making venture.
Day 23 – Make and save money with hair and beauty. I am an ex-hairdresser and beautician, so have shared a few tips.
Day 24 – No spend challenge. Doing a challenge like this every now and then can really help you break the spending cycle and save money.
Day 25 – How to calculate your net worth. An important part of handling your finances is know how much you are worth.
Day 26 – Buy quality. Being frugal does not mean buying the cheapest of everything. It is more about buying quality items that will last, for a bargain price.
Day 27 – Hobbies: How to make or save money with them.
Day 28 – Freebies: How and where to get them.
Day 29 – Make more money! There are loads of ways to make more money. I wrote a whole book with 365 of them, plus how to get started, how to do them, how to advertise for free or cheap etc. – 365 Ways To Make Money
Day 30 – Relax, you’ve earned it!

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  1. Great round up post Kylie! I can’t wait to follow up on some of the posts (they’re bookmarked ready). I just know I will pick up tonnes of creative and effective ideas.

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