Are you missing out on discounts?

Yesterday I got my electricity bill and noticed the discount that should be applied had not been and I was being charged the full amount. I had not checked my bills for a while and when I called about it, it turned out the discount had not been applied for months, resulting in about $200 credit being applied to my account. Since this is my last bill with them, they had to take it off my current bill.

It got me thinking, how often do we check these sort of things and how many of us are missing out on discounts we are entitled to?

Most electricity and gas suppliers will offer discounts such as 10 – 12% off the bill if you sign up on a contract.

If you are on a pension or have a health care card the amount of discounts are amazing from electricity, to transport such as buses and trains, to medications. Always ask if there is a discount.

If you do shopping online, a quick Google search can often result in finding a discount code for the store you are shopping at. Just type in the name of the store and “discount code” or “coupon” etc. Sometimes the ones that come up will be expired, other times you can get 30 – 50% off.

When it comes to banking, ask for a better deal. Do some research to see what is on offer, then ask for rates to be reduced, monthly fees waived etc. It is surprising that they can do, but they won’t tell you unless you specifically ask for it.

Never be afraid to ask for a discount. My sister in law has received deep discounts at wholesalers by asking for a discount on whole pallets of already reduced stock. The worst thing they can do is say no, but when they say yes, the discount can be great.

What do you do to get a discount?

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  1. but if everybody asked for discounts, the suppliers would have to increase the general tarrif – the uncomfortable truth is that discounts are discriminatory in a counter intuitive way, against the poor and disadvantaged, and in favour of the tuned in savvy middle classes

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