Money Back Guarantee – Do you use them?

Many items come with a money back guarantee, but how often do you use them? I know many people don’t, but if you are genuinely unhappy, it is worth pursuing.

I don’t usually remember too, but whenever I have the company is appreciative to know what they could do to improve. Also I always give positive feedback if I really like something, so not just negative all the time.

Most recently I took back a cake mix. I have used this gluten free cake mix for years and last time I made it the mixture was really powdery and just did not work like normal. I was just about to throw it away when I noticed the money back guarantee, so put it aside to take with me next time I went in. When I took it back they were more than happy to either exchange or refund. I was nearly going to get a refund and just not use the product again, but decided to exchange and try it again. This time it worked perfectly.

I know a cake mix is a really simple thing, and pretty pathetic to exchange, but I really love this mix and use it for every special occasion as I know it will work every time.

If you are not happy with a product you use regularly, let them know because it could mean something went wrong with that particular batch.

Another time I bought a block of chocolate and a layer of fat had settled on the top of it, make it not very appetising. I sent the company an email to let them know. I was not expecting anything for it, but if my block was like this, chances are other peoples are too. They were extremely appreciative, because when they investigated it turned out the chocolate was mishandled when being shipped to Australia and the entire shipment had been affected. They were able to correct the shipping and sent me a bunch of chocolate as a thank you.

So, I am curious – do you use money back guarantees? Do you let companies know when you are not satisfied? And just as importantly, do you let them know when you are really happy with their product/service/a sales person etc?