Near enough is good enough

It’s ok to relax a little. I think often we get too caught up in our goals and setting high expectations that we can make ourselves feel like real failures if we don’t achieve everything we set out to do.

It is great to set goals and aim high, but it is ok if you don’t quite make it. Sometimes near enough is good enough.

I grew up thinking I had to be the best at everything and anything less than the best was not good enough. Lately, I have been changing my thinking.

While I still want to try to do my best, it is impossible to do my best all the time. Sometimes, I have to let go and accept that I might not be able to do something the way I want to or as well as I want to and that is ok.

It is ok if I don’t quite reach my goals.

It is ok if I am a little late dropping my daughter off at school.

It’s ok if I am feeling overwhelmed and all I can manage to make is toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner. It won’t kill anyone.

While I don’t think everything should be viewed this way and I do still aim high, it’s ok to sometimes accept less than your best and not beat yourself up about it.

2 thoughts on “Near enough is good enough

  1. Good point! We had grilled cheese sammies for dinner last night 🙂 As someone once said: good enough is good enough.

    Being late, though, is different for me. There was a guy waiting at the station for his train. There was another train just pulling out, when he saw this guy come frantically running into the station and down the platform. That was HIS train leaving. He was gaining on the train, but just before he caught it, he ran out of platform and the train left.

    Our friend looked at the breathless runner. “Looks like you didn’t run fast enough, huh?”

    “Oh no,” the sweaty guy panted back. “I ran fast enough. I just didn’t start early enough!”

    I used to blame my lateness on the train leaving too soon (bad train!) but that story changed my perspective.

    Different things are important to different people. Being late, boils down to respect for other people more than anything else. If I was going to meet with the President or Pope, or appear on Oprah, I probably would make sure I’m on time. If I’m on time for those people, but late for anybody else, it can only be because I don’t think those other people are that important. We might not say it with words, but we do with our actions.

    The other things on your list are all about me and having permission to ease off on those, and I agree with that. Lateness, though, is not just about me, it’s about other people. Lateness says (in action) that I don’t respect them enough to live up to a prior agreement I made with them.

    I used to be late a lot until somebody explained it to me like this. But I sure enjoyed kicking back with those grilled cheese sammies last night! 🙂

  2. Yes, for most things I am pedantically early. Preschool is sometimes hard because my daughter has speech therapy twice a week and if I am late on those 2 days it is ok. I don’t need to stress myself out about it. Otherwise, I hate being late.

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