Princess and Pirates Party for under $50

by Kylie on August 19, 2012

It’s my daughters birthday soon and we have been discussing what to do. She is turning 5 and has a million ideas a day for what she wants. I know many people these days getting jumping castles or have it at a playcentre/Macdonalds/Hungry Jacks so they don’t have to worry about the mess or entertaining the kids. I considered this, but for a few reasons such as cost, lack of imagination/loads of junk and the fact there was no take home bags for the kids in options under $100 and the cake would not be that exciting, I decided against it.

To get the party at a venue with “lolly bags” for the other kids to take home it would cost $250+ for 8 kids. Since my daughter only really has 5 children she wants to come, it’s a little more than I want to spend.

I got to thinking and she is obsessed with princesses, so thought I could do a “Princess and Pirates” theme. The kids can come dressed up and we can do it here.

What about games?
I thought we could start with making crowns. They have done this at preschool and loved it. All I need is some white cardboard which is only $1.20 for a big sheet. I have sequins, pretty paper, glitter etc. already.

Next would be a treasure hunt with maps of things hidden around the backyard. Each kid will get a bag to put their treasures in. This bag will also be the lolly bag they take home. I have seen bags for $6 with jewellery, slinkies and other bits and pieces that would work.

I have face paints, so we will be doing that, which was a big thing my daughter really wanted.

A piñata is always fun, as is put the crown on the princess. I have everything for these games, I just need a few more things to put in the piñata.

Then of course there is food. I was thinking fairy bread, a fruit platter, chips, dip (my daughters have 2 favourite dips and crackers), the birthday cake of course and some drink. It will be mid afternoon so no need to go overboard and kids are mainly interested in easy to eat finger food, nothing too fancy.

I priced everything and all up the party should be under $50 and my daughter is so excited. Considering how much some people spend on kids parties, I am really happy to keep it so simple, yet fun.

What do you do for kids birthdays?

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