Vodafone gave away my number

by Kylie on August 16, 2012

And it wasn’t because I didn’t pay my bill. Last week when I was in Canberra I started having reception issues. Not uncommon with Vodafone, so I hoped it would clear up. On the Wednesday I discovered Vodafone had given my number to someone else.

I found out when I met my sister and she said when she called me some guy answered. Then I called my husband and he had been freaking out because some guy was answering to my number and since I was in Canberra with the kids, he thought the worst. So I went in to Vodafone to find out what was going on.

I had gone on a plan with them back in May, a $29 a month cap with a Samsung Galaxy S2. After a month I had no bill, so called and tried emailing to ask what was going on. They told me I am not with them. I tried again later. All the while I was able to make and receive calls.

When I went into Vodafone they said they had no record of me. The number I had for the past 3 months was only activated yesterday, it was a prepaid number and I was not on a plan with them. The number is not mine.

I had a couple of options:
a.) Go through their priority care. I had an email proving it was mine, so could fight to get the number back.
b.) Keep the phone and get a new sim and new number with Vodafone
c.) Keep the phone, unlock it for free online and get a sim and number from someone else.

Option A did not appeal to me at all. I have dealt with Vodafone customer service numerous times before. I usually end up frustrated, unable to understand what they are saying due to thick accents and the problem never gets resolved. In fact, I stopped my internet with them a couple of years ago and still get a bill because I am 10cents in credit, despite numerous calls and emails to be removed from their database. Those emails now go to spam.

Also, with endless reception issues and them now giving my number to someone else, I did not want to stay with them.

This left option C, which the customer service rep said was fine for me to do. So I took the phone, unlocked it for free and went with another company. I have not had any reception issues and the line is so much clearer.

It was stressful and really annoying that my number got given away, but I am glad this happened. I had been wondering how I could get out of my contract with Vodafone as their reception and customer service were shocking. I didn’t want to pay out the contract and then pay for the phone on top of that, so I am viewing this as a blessing in disguise for me.

What would you have done if this happened to you?

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