Best International Personal Finance Blog – From The Plutus Awards Fincon12

I am so excited tonight because I just won Best International Personal Finance Blog here at the Financial Blogger Conference. It was the 3rd annual Plutus Awards, which is where the best finance blogs and products are judged and recognized.

I knew I was a finalist and obviously wanted to win, but certainly did not expect it at all. It was a fantastic surprise.

My trip here in Denver has been fantastic. It is a beautiful and super friendly city. I am so much more organised for both the travel and The Financial Blogger Conference this year. I implemented some tips I’ll share in a future post which helped save time and money.

Today was also my shopping day. I am all set for Christmas now, as well as the next 12 months for makeup and clothing for the family. It was all a fraction of the price at home. I got some things to giveaway when I get back too!

I am speaking tomorrow, so will let you know how I go. It is a 16hr time difference, so I am feeling a little out of it, but am really excited about my presentation.

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  1. Wow, congratulations!

    Here in Finland it is difficult to even imagine there are conferences like that – I think there are at most five personal finance bloggers in the whole country 🙂

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