FinCon12 – my presentation and other things

by Kylie on September 12, 2012

I am back from Denver and I had a blast. FinCon is my favourite conference to attend and I will be going next year as well. My presentation went really well. I felt much more confident than last year and there were things there this year which made doing my presentation much easier.

Everyone was so friendly while I was there. I got to meet up with old friends (Andrea, Andrea, Ashley and Shannyn, to name a few) and make new ones. As soon as I got off the plane and went to my shuttle I bumped into Travis and Vonnie, whom I met last year and have stayed in contact with. When I got to the hotel, I checked in and was stoked to discover I was on the 24th floor with a perfect view of the mountains.

The conference started on a high for me with the Plutus Awards. I still cannot believe I won one. The next day was my presentation and I felt really confident, so was on a high for a while from that.

We had Happy Hour every night and an after party on the Saturday thanks to Baker from Man vs Debt. It was 90’s themed and so much fun. I had dinner on Saturday night with JD Roth (formerly from Get Rich Slowly, now he writes here.), which I did last year as well. He is a great guy and we have a lot to talk about. Actually, JD and Baker were the ones who also helped me when my computer froze up. Yep, the very last thing you want to happen at a blogging conference is have your computer freeze!

By Sunday everyone was exhausted. We all stayed up so late the night before, but it was completely worth it.

A few things that made the trip easier for me were:

– Only taking carry on going over. It made getting my connecting flight so much easier.

– Planning exactly what I would wear each day

– Skype, so I could call home.

I’ll share a post soon on ways to save money travelling overseas. There was quite a few things I did this time, that I didn’t do last time.


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