Fit For Fincon update

Last week I posted my before pictures as I take part in Fit For FinCon. I managed to lose 500g this week and I am happy with that. I started running more and have increased the amount of exercise I do. I forgot to mention last week that the inspiration from this came from Khaleef and his wife Sherrian from KNS Financial/Faithful With A Few and Fat Guy Skinny Wallet, Brad from Enemy of Debt and Travis from CareOne. It was Sherrian who was kind enough to take pictures of all of us.

I can feel my strength building as I can now do more push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, plank for longer etc. I have been building my reps each day. I started off slower because I tend to go hard out then blow it.

This week I also decided to incorporate foods into my diet I previously would not eat. For example, watermelon.

I have never liked watermelon and it is still not my favourite fruit, but on Saturday I decided to have a piece. My husband was so shocked he had to take a picture. In the 8 years he has known me I have NEVER eaten it, yet him and the kids love it.

Cucumber is another item I hate and am still not a fan of, but it was in a detox drink I wanted to try this week, so I had some. I will not be eating cucumber on a regular basis.

In my house there is a rumpus room at the back, which tends to be used for whatever and never really had any proper purpose. This week it got cleaned out and turned into a gym. There was a barely used weight bench and accessories in the garage, a step plus gym ball, mini weights and resistance band in my room, plus I ordered a cross trainer from eBay. I now have a gym in my own home for way less than the gym membership would have cost me and I don’t have to put my daughter in the crèche.

On top of all this, I have also enrolled in dance classes starting at the end of October. That’s when the next term started and I am glad I have some time to increase my strength and fitness before I started, otherwise I would have been completely hopeless.

I am not overly co-ordinated and have wanted to do dance classes for a long time, so I am really excited to be doing it. It will be 1 class a week to start with, but if I like it I will do 2.

I am feeling much fitter and healthier, yet have not spent a fortune. How is your fitness coming along?

5 thoughts on “Fit For Fincon update

  1. Hi Kylie, I spoke to you briefly at FinCon12 and am glad that you had a good experience in Denver. It’s my hometown and I love it…but, several people got altitude sickness! Including, Sherrian. Dance is a great choice. Just dance like no one is in the room. Wishing you continued success!

  2. Go you! I took myself some adult tap classes last year and it was the best experiance – I missed out on seeing you at Mt Druitt library last week 🙁 My little premmie finally came out of hospital the day before and I didn’t want to take him out in public yet. I hope it went really well!

  3. Hey Kylie, this is a great post and I’m going to link to it on Dinks Finance. I know that adding new foods into my diet is the most difficult part of changing my healthy lifestyle; but I am trying to do it with the It’s Only Two Weeks mission on My Diary Entry. It was great hearing you speak at FinCon and I look forward to seeing you again next year. Hopefully we can also meet up at BlogHer13 in Chicago 🙂

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