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I am the lightest I have been in the last 5 years, but I am not fit. Fit For FinCon was an idea thrown around at FinCon, so we took some before pictures

This was so hard for me to do. I never let my stomach hang out at all. I felt so self conscious!

(I believe I might the only one who requested a picture of my butt too, because I want to see the change from all angles)

We are going to encourage each other to lose the weight.

My starting weight is 76.5kg (168.3 pounds) as of today. I would like to be 67kg (147.4pounds), but if being toned and the size I want means I weigh more, I am ok with that.

My initial plan was to join a gym when I got back, but this is not really looking possible right now.

In the past 2 weeks since I left for FinCon to now, I have lost 6kgs. This is a lot faster than you should aim to lose weight and I did not expect to drop it like this.

I think some of it has to do with drinking copious amounts of water in Denver. My body felt so out of it I know I ate less than normal. Also on my flights there was not a lot of food and no time between flights to grab something at the airport. In the 36 hours prior to arriving at FinCon I had a small yoghurt and 1 meal on the plane. I then only managed a salad when I got to the hotel, because I was so tired.

On the flight back, Delta did not have me down for a gluten free meal, so I didn’t have a lot to eat. My flight out was at 5:45pm and I only managed to eat breakfast in the morning, but no lunch as I was going to be sitting at the airport for a while I thought I would eat there. Not so, I got caught up in security for having an item I shouldn’t have (I didn’t realize), which delayed things a little, then I just wanted to find my gate and there was nothing I could eat near me.

So I think the fact that I STARVED while flying is the main reason I lost any weight and this is not something I recommend.

Since getting back I ended up with no car, so have been walking everywhere, which is anywhere from 5 – 10kms a day. I have also started exercising more. I really want to tone up and improve my actual strength and fitness, not just get skinny.

I have been more focused on eating correct proportions, eating when I am hungry instead of just because and eating healthy. I don’t even crave chocolate or anything lately, which is fantastic.

My aim is to be a toned size 10 (size 8 in the USA). Weight is not my focus, instead health and size are. Do you have any health or weight goals?

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  1. I have started a new blog with fitness goals and hoping my weight loss will be a bi-product of my fitness. Fat to Fit and Fabulous by Forty is my 6 month journey before my 40th Birthday to see if I can achieve my goals.

  2. Congratulations for losing weight. I wish you luck on your goal. They say it’s much better to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day than just eating when you are hungry. However, I can only manage to eat 3 big meals a day (with snacks). Just stay focused on your goal and I’m sure that your gonna reach it soon. LOL at the booty picture!

    1. Thanks Dominique. I do try to eat 5 – 6 smaller meals, it took a little to adjust to as I was so used to 2 – 3 large meals (when I was a hairdresser I didn’t always get lunch).
      Aiming for a great “after” booty pic, lol. Thanks, 🙂

  3. Hey Guys,

    It’s Kristina from Dinks Finance. It was great seeing you at FinCon. I am in and ready to get fit for FinCon 13, please keep me in the loop. I linked to my personal blog 🙂

  4. My goal for 2013 is to maintain my weight loss ( Which I achieved in 2012). To exercise regularly and build more strength and stamina.

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