Learn to surf – marked off my bucket list

Earlier this year I decided to mark 5 things off my bucket list. At the start of this month I checked one off – Learn to Surf!

I managed to snag a Groupon voucher for a 2 hour lesson in Manly. I had won credit for Groupon, so the lesson was free! I have always wanted to learn to surf and was so excited to finally do it. I knew by buying the voucher I set a definite time limit for when I HAD to do the lessons.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of me doing it. I had a lot of fun though. The instructors were very thorough in teaching everyone about the currents, rips, how to look for the best waves, when to start paddling etc and I now feel confident enough to go hire a board and practice surfing.

Learning new things is something I love to do and I loved the lessons because it covered all the basics, all the safety issues and I had a lot of practice because the class size was not too large. They had quite a few instructors watching out for us all, some in the water to help and others on the beach to watch and stop people going to far etc.

I am so glad I am finally marking things off my bucket list. I have lots of big items I can’t do right now, but getting things marked off here and there is making me feel like I am achieving things and living my life.

Do you have a bucket list or things you want to do? How are you doing them?

2 thoughts on “Learn to surf – marked off my bucket list

  1. How fun Kylie! Glad you were able to do something new and enjoy it! I did have a bucket list but after re-evaluating somethings, I think it’s time to edit it and then re-post. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I. Am. So. Jealous. Surfing is on my must-to-do list before I hit 30. I want to take it up as “my” sport, since my hubby has fishing. Well, I have five years to go. I will be surfing soon.

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