Money Making Challenge Update

I have been doing the money making challenge since March this year and while I haven’t focused on it as much as I would have liked, I am doing well. I am now sitting on step 16 – $819.20 – $1638.40. I have been doing ‘small things’ up until now such as buying things to resell, but I did do my eBook – Blog To Book as well, because my aim in this challenge is to also set up long term streams of income where possible.

So from here, I am not exactly sure what I will do.  I have a couple of plans, but September is such a busy month for me, none of it will get implemented until October.

I want to start doing more larger things, so no more buying and selling small items. I have 3 ideas I want to implement, but each idea takes time, which is something I am short of this month. I am flying overseas twice and hope to use some of the time on the flight to hash out a proper strategy for my next step. I realise as I get higher it will get harder and I’m trying not to think too much about the larger amounts or I think it would overwhelm me.

Have you been doing the challenge?

One thought on “Money Making Challenge Update

  1. I’m currently on Step 8: $3.20 – $6.40
    I spent $5 on fiverr purchasing a Squidoo lens about Halloween Costumes.
    I’d written a lot of my own already but America has a huge Halloween market and I just couldn’t get the vibe of writing something.
    It’s getting a tonne of traffic from outside Squidoo so that’s good.
    I’ll see how it goes.

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