Find $10,000 Fast

This week we were told we would need $10,000 within the next few months to cover medical expenses for our daughters. I have some money saved, obviously, but wanted to make this more of a challenge and set a goal to make this $10,000.

Within the first 48 hours we had managed to earn an extra $2,180!

The first thing I did was sit down and make a plan of action, which looked a bit like this:
1.) Revise budget and see where cuts can be made.
2.) Do tax. I’ve done mine, but Livai will be doing his this weekend.
3.) Sell off everything. I was ruthless with my Tupperware cupboard, beauty products and clothes. Anything I could sell and can do without is going. I have items I have kept because I liked them, but I don’t need them. I sold a few items within 2 hours of listing them and have many other items with bids on eBay, so am confident I will sell a bit.
4.) Contact Centrelink. I already receive carers allowance which is not means tested and is just over $100 a fortnight for one daughter, but due to the high needs of both children there are other things I may be entitled to, so will be researching this thoroughly.
5.) Livai’s over time. He cut back on it to have more family time, which is still important. Family time will be more carefully planned now so it still happens, but overtime can still be done too.
6.) Hair and beauty. I am qualified and have run into some old clients (from 2007, when I had my hairdressing business) who want me to do their hair again, so I have picked up some work there. I do not want to take on a lot of clients as I feel it will detract from my goals.
7.) Blog advertising. I actually have a couple of meetings with some businesses in the coming weeks for some more long term partnerships which is exciting, as well as a few other potential advertising ventures, so we’ll see what happens.
8.) Workshops. I am arranging some more workshops with libraries and things. I booked one this week and am in discussions for 3 more for early 2013.
9.) Freelance writing. I haven’t done as much of it lately, but will pick this up again more now. I had 2 extra jobs this week, so that went straight to my $10k challenge.
10.) Baby sitting, lawn mowing, cleaning etc. Anything we can do to make some extra money will be done right now.

So far, the bulk of the extra cash has come from Livai’s over time and my online work (advertising, freelance writing and selling a few things.) One random $50 I was not expecting at all came last night when I helped my friend apply for jobs. She doesn’t have the internet, so she came to my house, I set her up with an email account and created an alert to my phone for it so I can let her know when things come up. I did her resume and we searched for jobs she wanted. We found a few and I was happy to be helping her. She was adamant she wanted to pay and despite my refusals, she wouldn’t let me do it for free. She slipped the $50 into my daughters pocket when she was leaving, because I wouldn’t take it. My daughter has already spent it in her head, on toys of course!

Managing to earn over $2,000 extra within 2 days has certainly motivated me and I know this is completely achievable. My main aim is to make more money, not so much focus on cutting back, because ultimately there is only so many ways to reduce expenses and we already live pretty frugally.

Aside from the medical expenses there is also Christmas coming up and 2 holidays were booked (non refundable) just before we found out about the medical expenses, so there is a lot of saving and money making that needs to happen in this house.

Have you ever experienced a time when you needed to find a lot of cash and fast?

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5 thoughts on “Find $10,000 Fast

  1. Good luck Kylie! You are 20% there already–way to go:).

    Something we did over the weekend was clean out our garage. Now we are going to the scrap metal yard to cash in on some trash.

    1. Thanks Amanda. Good job with the scrap metal, that’s something we need to arrange for metal we have too. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow, 10k! Holy hell! I was hustling for an extra 1k this month since I had an unanticipated dentist visit (I broke part of a tooth off at FINCON) and my dog had to see the vet for an infection… of course, getting sick or hurt is never anticipated, but it cost a bit more than I’d budgeted for. I have been hustling like nobody’s business the last week and am so inspired by you- I am glad I’m not the only one that sees this as a challenge not just a setback…though it’s understandable even if you feel it’s a huge setback, you’re a fighter Kylie and I love you for it!

  3. $1k is still a lot to find! Sorry about your tooth and your dog. 🙁 Glad you got it sorted though. And yes, no point seeing it as a problem, just a challenge.

  4. Hi Kylie
    Can you maybe do a post on ebay selling? there is so much people ( like me) don’t know about listing fees, commissions, when not to bother etc. Because of that I have stuck with free listings like gumtree and facebook sites but they definitely have their limitations!

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