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Last week I didn’t update on my weight loss progress. I had a full-on week and it slipped my mind. Over the past 2 weeks my weight has gone up a little (by 2kgs) but is back down today.

I have been much less motivated in the last 2 weeks to exercise, mainly due to things happening in my personal life. My eating has been pretty good, although Livai got all of this (plus some drinks which are not pictured) from his work and it was incredibly tempting.

Excuse the blurry photo

I’ll be honest… I had a little, but much less than I would have a few months ago. A few months ago all of that would be gone now.

It’s interesting how much my tastes are changing though. Yesterday we tried a new chocolate place near us and honestly, it made us feel sick. Some of my old favourite snacks no longer appeal to me either. I’ve had a couple here and there and they just don’t taste as good as they used to. Others, I still like but I don’t feel the need to eat an entire packet of anything or the whole block of chocolate. I can stop at one bite.

Actually, the other day, after I succumbed to the above stash and ate some junk, I felt ill and craved vegetables. I made up a small salad and felt much better after I had some healthy food in me.

Today I wanted to share a couple of pictures. This one was take 3weeks ago

And this one was taken just last week

Can you see the difference in my arms? I’ve been doing more weights instead of just cardio and while my weight isn’t changing, my body definitely is. My legs have slimmed down, especially my thighs and buttocks. I now have pants that used to fit snuggly on my hips slipping down. It is a fantastic feeling.

I never expected to enjoy eating healthy and exercising as much as I do. Even though I haven’t been overly motivated lately, every time I do work out, I love it. I have a little cheer squad, which helps. My daughters love to “work out” and cheer me on. There have been a few times when I have felt I just couldn’t do any more despite hardly doing anything when my 5 year old pipes up “Get back on mum, you haven’t finished. You can do it!” with a huge smile on her face. Then she stands there with her sister cheering for me “Go mum!”

When I do lunges, they walk along beside me. When I do sit ups, planks or push-ups they try to do it next to me. Last week my sister was here and apparently my daughters showed her how to exercise, complete with fake groans from the effort. They have a blast and often when we have come home from school or somewhere they ask me to go do exercises. We play music, they dance and it has been great fun to have that time with my daughters.

How is your health? Have you been trying to lose weight? What works for you?

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