Switching off

This week I am going to be switching off. I feel too connected all the time and it is interrupting with my life. I already don’t watch TV, but other members in the house like to watch movies and things. I feel it has been having a detrimental effect on the overall tone in the house so we are cutting back.

I have my phone set up so when something happens on Facebook, twitter or I get emails I know straight away. These are all going to be deactivated. I’ll be checking my emails once a day and having 1 hour a day online. This means I will be very limited as to what I can do online.

I have projects I want to get done and I feel by committing to it properly, switching everything else off, I will finally be able to complete them.

Also, I now have 2 daughters who need extra help at home. One was diagnosed with a severe expressive and receptive language disorder earlier in the year and I have been told by 3 professionals that my other daughter has some things that will need to be tested and checked out and if it is what they suspect she is going to need extra assistance.

So my plan is to not just switch off this week, but on a more permanent basis. I’ll be writing posts in advance and scheduling them in so it all happens automatically. I’ll be doing this for as many things as I can. I do it a bit already, but not enough.

I want my own time back and now that school is back and we have speech therapy, plus I want to work out more and other things like that. I need to take back control of my life and stop letting everything else control how I spend my time.

So from today I am less contactable and accessible than before, but I feel I am getting my priorities in order.

Have you ever switched off? How did you find it?

3 thoughts on “Switching off

  1. I think this is a great idea, Kylie. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something similar. I like having posts scheduled and I’ve been trying to implement “office hours”, and that seems to be working. However, I want to start limiting my TV time even more than I already have and I really need to work on the phone stuff. It’s hard to let it go sometimes.

  2. I am with you Kylie, I am needing some down time myself I just need a little self-discipline. Before facebook my life was so much calmer, families must come first or we pay the price.

  3. Heya Kylie,
    I had the habit for a while of turning off all technology for a full 24hr period. I called it ‘Unplugging’. It is a habit I want to revisit. I also think it’s a great idea to manage the notifications centre on your shiny hand held devices.
    I actually had the experience recently of having no phone or other shiny device for 5 full days. Digital detoxing wasn’t the point of the 5 days but I have to say I was a lot more attentive to things going on around me during that time and I enjoyed small things again like seeing a butterfly come and go, watching smoke rise from a bonfire and taking in that smell that the bush has when it is wet.

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