Sydney – One of the most expensive cities in the world

There are new surveys all the time about which city is the most expensive to live in and Sydney always ranks high. This week, according to this article Sydney is the second most expensive city in the world. I live in Sydney and while I have not travelled the whole world, I have been to a few places and Sydney is expensive in many areas, especially real estate and road tolls.

Sydney does have higher wages than other areas, but not high enough to make up for the high cost of living. I think living can be expensive everywhere and it is more about how you choose to live that will determine how expensive life is. For example, no one HAS to live in Sydney. There is always the option to move if you don’t like where you live.

I want to move. I have made plans to move and will eventually leave Sydney. It looks like I need to be here for another 12 months for personal reasons, but after that I could move. I am not a Sydney fan, but know many other people who love it here. There is a lot of free stuff to do and fortunately for me, most things I need are relatively close, so the traffic and congestion are not often an issue for me.

What I would like to know is if you feel where you live is expensive and why?

I know many things such as make up, clothing, skin care etc are cheaper in the USA, but then health insurance is cheaper here, we have free medical options and so on. There are pros and cons to everywhere.

If you are living somewhere you don’t want to be, what is holding you back from moving? For me, some of the treatment we need is cheaper here than elsewhere and we like the people we are dealing with. Having been through a few professionals for some issues, I am not keen to change when I have finally found the perfect people to help my family and I. In about 12 months we should hopefully not need as much assistance and will be able to move.

It can be scary planning a move, but if you find it too expensive to live where you do or you are not able to fulfil your dreams living where you do, why not look into moving to a more suitable location?

4 thoughts on “Sydney – One of the most expensive cities in the world

  1. I live in Sydney and agree it is a very expensive place to live. Property prices are through the roof and I know many couples who even with their professional salaries struggle to buy a house once they have kids. I also find insurance is expensive. My husband moved here from Brisbane and his car insurance tripled!

  2. Yes, so true… Sydney is one of the most expensive place to stay. I have ones traveled in Sydney and everything is expensive but worth it since there are lots of wonderful places to visit there.

  3. I’m Canadian, I live about 90 minutes outside of Toronto in a small town called Port Dover. I love it here, and its so much more economical then the city. My brother lives in the city and his property tax is 3X what ours is, his car insurance is much higher, and planning his wedding was going to be at least 2X more expensive in the city, so he planned it in our neck of the woods. We’re fortunate to have great paying jobs that let us live in a small town, and commute to the city for the occasional cultural experience our little town of 10,000 doesn’t offer.

    Took a trip to Sydney in 2005 – loved the two weeks I spent there, but I’ll take small town living any day. It’s good for the pocketbook, and good for the soul 🙂

  4. I’m leaving Sydney after 8 months despite having a well paid job after rent, bills and food I can’t even afford a trip to the cinema never mind clothes! You might get paid well but they work you hard on average 70 hours a week in the city – totally illegal but when you’re on a 457 visa and sponsored by a company you have no option except to resign! To anyone thinking of coming to Sydney do your homework – if you’ve kids avoid as you have to pay public school fees which average $4,500 a year per child and with no medical care foreigners have less take home pay than an Aussie doing the same work – again must be illegal and discriminating!
    After 8 months how employers treat their staff would be classed as a form of bullying and illegal in Europe or the USA!

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